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Actions in the Game Year 1416

Society Name: Milakanur

Milakanuri Year 4140

The Per-Aa paced in front of his throne, attended by his close advisors, the Master Scourge of the Milakanuri army (may their bows never break and swords never blunt), and his Master Necrologist.

"They're doing it again", fumed the Per-Aa. "Just like before. The Cedonians... it won't happen again. I won't let it. I'll stop their damned empire before it reaches over the sea. The Taltherans are the key, and money is the key to the Taltherans."

"Exalted One," the Master Scourge politely interjected, "the Shanari mass in the desert, and we hear rumors of invasions far to the north. If their leader Hsinvol is truly dead, there is no predicting what his fanatical followers will do now..."

"Do what you wish," snapped the Per-Aa, "But use no more than a scourge to do it, and leave Jabuar well defended - I may have need of a way-station in that area, and I will not brook the insult of having a city under my protection destroyed."

The Master Scourge nodded silent assent, as the Per-Aa continued to pace.

Without the confidence of the Master Scourge, one of the greybearded advisors hesitantly inquired, "Exalted One, the people are restless after the... challenge to your succession." The Per-Aa stopped in his tracks, and glared at the advisor. Behind that unfortunate individual, candles sputtered and went out as a cold wind blew through the room, though the doors and windows were shut.

"I-I-I mean, of c-c-course that was resolved, everyone knows that, but, um..."

"They merely need reassurance that I am in control. After I have named my Vizier and Scribes, things will return to normal. Yes, first, first I must name a Vizier..."

Action I: Creation of the Per-Aa's cabinet

"First, I must name a Vizier."

Tactical Action, Internal
Actor: The Per-Aa Sharifu
Secrecy: None (internally, Milakanuri governmental affairs are not discussed with outsiders)
Difficulty: Normal
Determinant: I think the issue is "how easy is it to get good people", so that would probably be the Per-Aa's consent (-1)
+ successful (+3) awakening of his spirit self as the Second Liberator last year (+2 or +3 bonus?)

The Per-Aa must name a Grand Vizier, and also his Scribes (administrators responsible for various areas of control, like Trade, Agriculture, Law, etc.) If his choices are good ones, and if they will work for him, then his standing and influence may be increased. If his choices are bad ones, then it may further weaken his grip...

Results -1 0 +1 (-1 0 0 -1) = -2

Suggestion: His choose is are bad once as many of his old supporters are promotered. -1 consent for the next five years.

Action II: Increase trade with Taltheran

"Money is the key to their hearts."

Strategic Action, External - Year 1 of 2
Actor: The Per-Aa Sharifu
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard (the Milakanuri mostly export art, are isolationist, and Elanbur has not been properly repaired - maybe very hard?)
Primary Determinant: Per-Aa's consent (after action I)
+ Jabau as a possible way station
+ Recently established ambassadorial ties with Taltheran
+ The recent defeat of the pirates of Kaeir
- Milakanur does not have a terribly impressive navy
? The blockade of Videssia, and financial problems in the Free Cities

The Per-Aa wants to establish closer relations with Taltheran, for a variety of reasons. Remembering their nature from his last life, he reasons that increasing trade with them will endear Milakanur to them, and will also make it easier to work with them, later.

Given the recent sacking of the pirate city of Kaeir, and the assumption of Jabau into the Milakanuri sphere of influence (Jabau may have originally been built as an intermediate trading port), this may be a perfect time to open up trade.

Some of the Free Cities are traditional trading partners of Milakanur; could Milakanur become a hub of trade between the Free Cities and Taltheran?

Results -1 -2 +2 -1 (-1 +1 +1 -1 ) + ( )

Suggestion: The Taltheran are more intrested in trading with the newly opened southern routes more then opening it with just one nation in the north, but they might get more intrested next year.

Action III: Forge ties with disaffected Shanari

"Do what you will."

Tactical Action, External
Actor: The Master Scourge, Labon (head of the army)
Secrecy: Yes (quiet discussions with tribal leaders)
Difficulty: Normal (Just setting up ties)
Primary Determinant: Relations between Shanari and Milakanur (Mediocre, -1)
Reaction: Risky
+ There are indeed very disaffected Shanari
+ Hsinvol's death
+ Jabuari are still fine
- The fanatics could get -pissed-
- Shanari seeresses could get involved

Labon will send out trusted men to talk with leaders of disaffected Shanari tribes, attempting to forge a closer relationship with the Shanari. Traditionally, the Milkanuri and the Shanari have ignored each other except for raids and punitive counter-raids, but they do trace their heritage to the same nomadic desert stock.

Results -1 +2 -2 ( -1 +1 +1 +0) = 0 Mixed results

Suggestion: work this out with BT.

Action IV: Formation of a conspiracy against the Per-Aa

"The people are... restless."

Tactical Action, External
Actor: The Master Scourge, Labon (head of the army)
Secrecy: Yes (quiet discussions with tribal leaders)
Difficulty: Hard
Primary Determinant: Inverse of Per-Aa's consent (+1 now)
Reaction: Risky

Nobles, warriors, and others will attempt to form a secret conspiracy to prepare for a possible coup against Sharifu. The supporters of Khaatil will form the core of this group, but others may also join if they feel threatened or excluded by the new Per-Aa.

The group decides to name itself "The Society of the Half-Lidded Eye", with the avowed intention of keeping an eye on the Per-Aa and Milakanuri tradition...

Results +2 -1 (-1 +1 -1 +0 ) = 0 Mixed results

Suggestion: The Society is formed but most of the people who from it are lesser nobles. They have no influnce over the goverment or any ware else.