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Actions in the Game Year 1415

Society Name: Milakanur

Action I: Awaken Sharifu's spirit-self

Tactical action, internal
Actor: The Master Necrologist
Primary Determinant: Essence Magic Sophistication
Difficulty: Normal (the task itself is commonly performed)
Reaction: Risky (normally this is not done until age 35)
Secrecy: None, in or out of game
+ Done by the Master Necrologist himself

With the challenge to Sharifu's authority, it is necessary to awaken Sharifu's spirit-self so that the two candidates can be fairly evaluated. Awakening is done for all Milakanuri nobles (and some non-nobles), so it's a well- understood process.
However, the traditional age of Awakening is 35. This is done to allow the spirit to develop naturally in its current body before the weight of the past is placed upon it. Awakening is rarely done before 35, but this does not make the task harder.
The Master Necrologist Azeem will perform the Awakening himself.

-- The Awakening fails, and something terrible happens (Sharifu is revealed to be illegitimate, a villain, or goes insane) - The Awakening fails, or Sharifu has had no past lives to guide him
0 The Awakening reveals that Sharifu's past lives were unremarkable
+ The Awakening reveals properly impressive past lives
++ The Awakening reveals an epic past life

Result: +1 +1 + (-1 +1 +1 +1)= +3 Superior Success

Suggestion: Sharifu is revealed to be be the true heir...

Action II,III,IV: (Triple Action) Resolve the succession Tactical Action, internal

Actor: The Master Necrologist
Primary Determinant: Cultural orientation (traditional)
Difficulty: Hard, perhaps Very Hard
Reaction: Heroic (This hasn't happened in a loooong time)
Secrecy: None
- Uncertainty about Shanari
- Youth of Sharifu
+ Power holders want _a_ solution, and don't care as much who wins

-- Disaster. The refused party avoids death, and has considerable popular support. Civil war seems likely.
- The refused party is put to death, but popular support was for the other candidate. The new Per-Aa's consent is decreased.
The refused candidate escapes death, but has little popular support. There will be problems, but no war.
0 Mixed results: The refused candidate is slain, but the populace is sharply divided over the wisdom of the Master Necrologist's choice.
+ The choice is made, the refused candidate is slain, and the choice has popular support.
++ (Assuming action I went well) - Khaatil's claim is proven false, and he is burned ignominiously. Sharifu's claim to the throne is cemented and perhaps even strengthened.

(My opinion is that Action 1 should determine whether or not Sharifu or Khaatil is picked by the Master Necrologist. If results are mixed, the GM or I can flip a coin or something.)

Result: -2 +2 -1 + (+1 0 -1 0)= -1 Failure

Suggestion: Khaatil was but to death but he had the suport of populas. The current ruler is excepted but his consent is a -1.