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Society Determinants


Society name Laria'rathi
Location Isle of Golaren and the island directly off the SE coast
Languages Kearg among the men, rathian among the women; and dialects of some ancient feudal Shakaari languages as well as some Trade Talk and Ibalan among the more affluent nobles and merchants
Size 2,000,000 people
Philosophical Orientation Primary Orientation: Survival (conviction of superiority and need to perpetuate the race)

Secondary Orientation: Exploration, Expansion, Trade for all kinds of knowledge, magic, history and minor degrees of wealth

Subsistence Wilderness% 80 (Very Big) - Agriculture and hunting grounds are prevalent, though some land still is unclaimed or left open for military maneuvers.
Wasteland% 5 (Small) - The Shakaari are suited best for this climate and little land is actually wasted; even the mountains are mined and put to the most use possible.
Yield% 150 (Very Big) - The people are very good at making the best of their already fertile land.
Urban% 3 (Small)- All nobility are in cities as well as many freemen landowners and the capital is a fairly large castle-town, most everyone else is on a farm etc. Most military are not included as urbanites since they are mainly housed in their own homes, not in cities.


Ruling Agency
The prince is elected by the High Nobility; closely related
to the Habsburg emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and Austria-Hungary.
Key elements Prince: almost supreme control over the principality and realm, High and Low Nobility: near autonomous control over local level, unless overruled by the prince, Aeralh, the prince's elite sentries: a small force of special operatives dedicated to protecting the life of the prince and realm, Church of Kel'ren'aie: the sole religion of the Laria'rathi people has some influence among the nobility and significant following of the masses
Internal politics

Authority: Superb
Influence: Great
Consent: Superb

High Nobility:
Authority: Superb
Influence: Great
Consent: Great

Low Nobility:
Authority: Good
Influence: Good
Consent: Good

Authority: Superb
Influence: Legendary
Consent: Great

Church of Kel'ren'aie:
Authority: Great
Influence: Great
Consent: Great

External politics Terrible to Mediocre:
Celpalar: Military and trade alliance, Political +1, Trade +2, Cultural +0.
Mir: Fair, distant and revered respect of each other


Military organization Professional standing land and marine force as well as all men are trained and would be equivalent to a feudal militia force. Most of the front-line military is composed of men aged 25 to about 100 years. Mandatory military service of ten years for all males (even nobility etc.) begins at the latest by age 25. The military and warfare have been and are a way of life for these people.
Military values Professional Army forces (land): ~4% of adult males
Size: Good
Force: Superb
Professional Marine force (including navy): ~3% of adult males
Size: Good
Force: Superb
Militia (literally every man alive, but not women and children (they flee to a safe haven); for desperate life situations):
Force: Good
Aeralh: This is a highly select order from among the Aeralh tribe, and thus so, it is extremely small, about 400~600 men.
Size: Tiny
Force: Legendary (due to magic and awesome training)
Templar of Kel'ren'aie:
Size: Tiny
Force: Legendary (due to divine inspiration and devotion)
Economic system
 Currency with denominations of gold, silver and
steel; also open to barter with foreign bodies and certain domestic
Technological Base High Metallurgy
Economic values
Crafts: Superb
Resources: Superb
Exploitation: Great
Trade: Fair
Wealth: Good
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion     Great     Legendary  Terrible  Superb 
Arts         Fair      Mediocre   Good      Great
Scholastics  Great     Great      Great     Superb
  Essence    Great     Great      Miserable Great 
  Authority  Superb    Great      Terrible  Superb