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Actions in the Game Year 1423

Society Name: The Laria'rathi

"We answer your appeal to us for our aid in your peacekeeping efforts." Prince Sel'pa dictated to the servant. "We shall supplement your land forces with a naval presence in and around the Razanian Coast."

The servant finished transcribing the letter. He had it delivered to the Naval leaders to prepare the troops and also delivered a copy to the Meltolyn of Celpalar.

The naval unit will be Size Small (-2), Force Fair (+0), and of the middle Metallurgic period. The sailors and marines will be rotated periodically, from home, so they do not become sick if that seems to be an issue, but it should be warm enough and humid enough there, since they are on/close to the sea, and the unit is small enough.

Action I (mid-late year)

Type: Peacekeeping/Patrol
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Aid Celpalar in Haran. Sub action B: Set up operations base and joint military command. Arrange and prepare patrol routes and survey the region.
Secrecy: Nominal
Primary Determinant: Authority Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant (for second sub-action): Intelligence Gathering Legendary (+4)
Task: Easy (+1)
Modifiers: - unfamiliar geography
+2 small scope
Reaction: Risky

+3 0 +1 (+1 +1 -1 0) = +5

The army is placed their and the base built. You resive a +1 for the next 5 years for any action in that area.

Baron Adept Khor'jaal rushed into the ruins, brushing off the hands attempting to restrain him. He had listened to the screams long enough. The cloak he wore was tossed loose as he ran through the perimeter of the ancient and well-ruined masonry buildings surrounding the one thoroughly intact location in the vast expanse of rubble. As Khor'jaal exited the room, carrying his unconscious brother, a monstrous bellowing voice was heard from the ruins, "You are not worthy of me. Do not try to uses your weak spells on me." What startled Khor'jaal was he was actually able to understand the creature. After consulting with the others present on the outskirts, they also understood the voice. This is intriguing to say the least. What creature would know our language? And more would not think we are worthy of him? And with our "weak" spells? This is most disturbing news. Perhaps this creature is an enemy of Kel'ren'aie? But who? We know of no such enemy. Or maybe an observer from the Dreaming, an ancient dragon perhaps, or a demon? But he has yet to attack us; maybe he isn't powerful enough yet? Or is just awaking from his slumber? Or is restrained by some entity or force? Whatever or whoever he is, we must discover what effect he has had on our brethren magi, and upon the Celpali magi, whether their condition is caused by the room as an aftereffect of his presence, or if their magical abilities are lost permanently and why. And perhaps by learning more of our brethren's condition we can learn more of this creature.

Action II (all year)

Type: Research
Actor: Prelate Le'noir
Summary: Study the mages and all others who have been in contact with the creature and the room and determine more of what happened to them and why.
Secrecy: Normal, and not secret but research is kept quiet.
Primary Determinant: Religion Sophistication Superb (+3), Magic Sophistication Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Scholastics Sophistication Superb (+3)
Task: Huge (-3)
Modifiers: + help from Kel'ren'aie
+(how much?) help from Celpalar
- fear
- not really knowing what to look for
Reaction: Cautious

+3 -3 +1 -2 (0 -1 0 0 ) = -2 Failure

Nothing is discovered except that the mages are unable to relearn magic.

Action III (all year)

Type: Infrastructure
Actor: the People, the Church, Merchants
Summary: Increase communication among the Avaerean Isles with the mainland
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Internal Trade Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Church Consent Superb (+3)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + People are fearful of the ruins and desire to know what is happening
Reaction: business as usual

+3 +1 (-1 -1 0 -1) +1 Success

A beginings of a communication system is set up.

Emissary Paral'teue breathed in the warm summer breeze coming from aft of the warship Gohrin. He had done his research of the Vraa'al elves from the information Rorny, one of the Meltolyn, provided him. Rorny and his entourage are accompanying Paral'teue to show the Vraa'al we mean good intentions and also to help in our negotiations.

Action IV (summer)

Type: Diplomacy
Actor: Emissary Legate lord Paral'teue
Summary: Initiate contact with the Vraa'al. If possible set up initial trade, we initially trade food (e.g. rice) and simple medicines for what they trade (perhaps history, maps etc.).
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Diplomacy Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: none
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: + Celpalar presence
+ shared distrust of Mir with Celpalar
-2 no relations
Reaction: Cautious

+3 -1 +1 -1 (-1 -1 -1 +1) = 0

Talk with the player

"Now is the time. After decades of preparation we are at last ready to explore the entire equatorial region of this world." Zeegraf Sentinel Naerte pondered the waves set before him. He had dreamed of this day. As he stood on the fore-castle of his flagship, the ship-of-the-line Waeerln, one of the greatest men-of-war built in the past hundred years, he was reminded of his boyhood. Naerte, Naerte. Awake, awake; today we hunt, today we explore. Those familiar words of his father greeted him everyday he remembers with him, that great and humble farmer. Now we hunt, now we explore, he thought to himself. My crew has trained for this navigation for years. The weather patterns have been studied. And a few Celpali ships journey with us; they have been training with us for the past few years. "Set sail toward the east," Naerte commanded.

Action V (all year)

Strategic-External (1 of 4, individual actions each year)
Type: Exploration/Observation/Diplomacy
Actor: Margrave Nath'sev
Summary: Circumnavigate the equator. Start heading toward the east and slowly progress our way around the equator, with thorough exploration whenever possible.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Resources Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Intelligence Gathering Legendary (+4), Diplomacy Superb (+3), Navy Size Great (+2),
Task: Huge (-3)
Modifiers: + maps provided by Celpalar
- fear
- extra action
+2 extended training and preparation
Reaction: Cautious if failure, Heroic if success

+3 -3 +2 -2 (0 0 0 +1) + () +() + () =

The expdition begins.

The volunteers were assembled. They knew their purpose. They had been preparing for this mission for quite some time now. They have been blessed by Kel'ren'aie and Prince Sel'pa. They know survival is secondary to mission success, and have dealt with their likely impending death, and are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the survival of their brethren, Laria'rathi, and Celpali. A pair (16 men) of the Invisible Hands, the elite of the Aeralh and the templar of Kel'ren'aie, is sent into Taltheran with instructions to raze the merchant and transport fleet docked in Tal, during a day when most people will be away from the harbor. The men selected for the mission are all experts at hand-to-hand combat, both armed and unarmed; they all have mastered the arts of camouflage (magical and mundane) and silent and stealth maneuvering. Before being dispatched, they are given special training in the details of Taltheran military and merchant protocol and in the use of poisons and explosives, and they are given Taltheran clothing. The squad is instructed to take their time, they have most of the year; they are to be as cautious in their approach to the target as possible. The survival of the squad after the assassination attempt is not, in the opinion of Prince Sel'pa and Prelate Le'noir, relevant to the overall success of the mission, and the volunteers thoroughly understand this fact. But if any do survive, they are to move west and meet up with the Celpalar forces, or alternately board Celpalar ships outbound, but only if they would be unnoticed, or board ships to eventually transport them back home. The men are equipped with teleportation gauntlets to be activated only once their mission is accomplished if no other escape option exists. These are used to return to the castle Corltann, one of the magic laboratories of the Laria'rathi people. Again, the gauntlets are only to be used once the mission is completed. Everything on the user's person is taken with him, and everything connected to him, such as if a person is holding onto him or something similar, so captives (such as important council members, etc.) are acceptable but not pertinent to mission success. But they must be away from any other abnormally high sources of magic, otherwise the spell will not work and they will have to return home some other way.

Action VI (if neccessary reference Keland 2830 Action V, esp for resolution)

Type: Raid
Actor: Aeralh and Holy Knights of Kel'ren'aie
Summary -
Primary Objective: Raze the merchant and transport fleet of Taltheran. Secondary Objective: Capture VIPs.
Secrecy: Oh yes indeed
Primary Determinant: Aeralh and Templar Force Legendary (+4)
Secondary Determinant: Magic Sophistication Superb (+3), War Crafts Legendary (+4)
Task: Very Hard (-2)
Modifiers: + Silent Hand's Morale
+ Squad training and preparation
+ The squad has a motivation to succeed, to serve Prince Sel'pa and Kel'ren'aie
+ They can take their own sweet time, and proceed cautiously; surprise factor
-2 secrecy
-? any defences of Taltheran
+ intelligence from previous year
+13 tech advantage (Poor vs. Superb Crafts, Metallurgic vs. Advanced) from Fair Middle to Fair Advanced is a difference of 8, then an additional difference of Crafts Superb vs Crafts Poor is 5, so total difference is 13) (wow!; I didn't realize it would be this much)
Reaction: secret
-2 Extra Extra Action

+4 -2 +4 -3 (+1 -1 -1 +1) -2 = +1 Success

Many of the ships are raided but the Taltheran were able to stop them before they were completely destroyed. 1/4 the ships are gone. 1/2 need repairs 1/4 and just fine.