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Actions in the Game Year 1422

Society Name: The Laria'rathi

With the release of some of the food stuffs gathered from the previous years, the risk of famine subsides in Atares gi'Calaa. Additionally, the colonists have been working on new fields on the Avaerean Isles, and so those people begin to produce crops again, as life resettles into routine. However, more extensive fortifications must be constructed in the new colonies.

Action I

Strategic-External (2 of 2)
Type: Colonization
Actor: Margrave Nath'sev
Summary: Construct more extensive fortifications among the Avaerean Isles colonies.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Crafts Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Consent Superb (+3) [motivation to succeed], Exploitation Great (+2) [finding ways to survive]
Task: Normal (+0)
Modifiers: ++ success from previous colonizations
++ primary orientation conquest and acquisition, secondary orientation expansion
- any unforeseen consequences of native land
+ familiar and prosperous environment and climate
Reaction: Risky

+3 +1 -1 (+1 +1 0 +1) =+6 Extrodanary Success
Your forts are built and you get a +1 to you forts if theyare ever attacked.

Action II

Type: Develop/Invest
Actor: Merchants
Summary: Support financially and with materiel Celpalar efforts on trade plan.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Wealth Superb (+3), Authority over Economy Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Trade with Celpalar Great (+2)
Task: Easy (+1)
Modifiers: + dire need of our friend and ally
Reaction: business as usual

+3 (-1 0 0 0) = +3 Complete Success
L'R contriput much to the Celpalar trade plan as their stuff is shiped all over the content.

D'maar observed the coasts of Northern Midsea. He had not seen such desolation in his past, and nothing had prepared him for the endless desert abutting the endless ocean. The monotony of sea travel was tiring, but he was almost to his destination. A few more days and he would be in Tal. As his merchant squadron neared the harbor, he noticed the fertility of the land here, a pleasant disturbance to the desert. His two flagships docked, the remaining ships set at anchor in the bay. He set about with his entourage making rounds in the city, getting to know people, their likes and dislikes. He makes contact with some of the merchant houses dealing with sea trade. Using his highly honed diplomatic and haggling skills, he attempts to buy into the sea trade market. He'll start out small and relatively low-visibility this year, building up trust and reputation among the locals. D'maar will also attempt to buy into some of the land trade and transportation to diversify his portfolio. Some of the trade goods he will offer are exotic plants (i.e. silks, cotton, etc.), herbs, statues, art works, and simple wooden products, as well as coinage if necessary.

Action III

Strategic-External (1 of ?)
Type: Trade
Actor: D'maar
Summary: Buy into overseas trading market in Taltheran.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Trading Prowess Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Diplomacy Superb (+3)
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: + wealth and resources of D'maar
+ Sinari war, Taltheran merchants looking for other sources of income if war losses severe
(Sinari already control them)
+ intelligence from previous year
- non-humans
(- you have way to many people out of the jungle their will start getting sick.)
Reaction: Risky
+3 -1 +2 -2 (-1 -1 -1 +1) = 0 Mixed Results.

The sinari in the city are distrustful of the none humans. The L'R are able to leave with out any problems but nothing happens.

Prince Sel'pa stood overlooking the ruins. He came to oversee our attempt to contact this creature in the ruins. The priests and magi have been preparing for this since the quarantine. Now with Celpali aid, we can attempt to initiate communication with the creature. If and when contact is made, we will see if and what he knows about the illnesses caused in the area (hopefully he will be non-hostile to us).

Action IV

Type: Intelligence/Research
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Contact the sentience in the room
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Scholastics Sophistication Superb (+3), Magic Sophistication Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Intelligence Gathering Legendary (+4)
Task: Very Hard (-2) (Mystical -4)
Modifiers: + knowledge gained from last year
- fear
(+) aid from Celpalar
Reaction: Public to principality and notable Celpali, secret elsewhere

+3 -4 +2 -1 (0 0 -1 -1) -2 Failure
Instead of helping the matter they have just made it worse. What ever is in their is very irritable. Always before before the mages it was reacting by causeing th nightmares. Now they beleave that it is just a side affect from the room. For they have now seen the creater act. One day after repeated attempts to communicat with the creator by uses of magic. It responces. All of the mages in the room at the time are heard to be screaming, and voice is heard from the room to says. "You are not worthy of me. Due not try to uses your week spells on me." When the mages are brought out of the room. All have lost Arcanic Knowlegde, and their has gone white. They says that the creator was magic.

With the mass exodus to the Avaerean Isles, some of the Laria'rathi less loyal to their brethren may have removed themselves to the Isles, hoping to escape (why they would do that, or even that there would be that many, the prince does not know; we stick together, we do not abandon each of our brethren). So the prince will reinforce the colonists' loyalties to the
People. Alongside the prince, the People and the Lesser Nobility will call for the election of a margrave to rule the Avaerean Isles province.

Action V

Type: Morale check
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Reinforce and solidify colonists' loyalty to the Laria'rathi People.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Authority Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Consent Superb (+3)
Task: Routine (+2) (Hard -1 you have been doing massive immigration)
Modifiers: - any traitors or discontent
- extra action
Reaction: business as usual
+3 (-1 -1 +1 -1) -1 = -1 Failure
The colonies instead of coming closer to their coutry begin to complain more. This does not look good. Most of the problems seem to be coming from the people on the settelments on the content.