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Actions in the Game Year 1421

Society Name: The Laria'rathi

Some new converts are added to Kel'ren'aie during the exposition last year, because of the poor performance of a few Celpali priests during this past year.

Aerisa watched the Celpali women. They are a fascinating lot, she thought to herself. She was one of the privileged few of the females of Larai'rathi to be permitted to be in public in Celpalar. Her son helped her walk, for she was old in years. Yes, she thought to herself, these people will make a fruitful addition to my people. We, and they, just need more time to adjust to each other, then the merging will be much easier. And as she walked along the streets, she perceived the youth and vigor in this race. We shall be as one, someday.

Action I

Strategic-Internal (2 of 2, but continual action within that time frame)
Type: Religious Symposium
Actor: Prelate Le'noir
Summary: Gathering festival to share common theology of Kel'ren'aie and Celpalar religion. We are trying to let people decide which is right. (Even though we Laria'rathi already know we are right.) Secrecy: Public inside Atarés gi'Calaa and Celpalar, secret outside. Primary Determinant: Religious Sophistication Superb (+3), Consent Legendary (+4)
Secondary Determinant: Religious Diversity Terrible (-3)
Task: Very Hard (-2), this has never been attempted before!
Modifiers: + pre-planning by Celpalar
+ Celpalar action
Reaction: Risky

Results so far: +3 -2 +1 (+1 -1 0 -1) + (+1+0+0-1)=+1 Ouch. Success but very hard to gauge the exact result (especially when religion is involved). My inclination is that, as last action, a small number of true converts are gained but also, after two years of concentrated effort, the public knowledge of the common theologies is very high, laying the groundwork for and simplifying future proselytizing. All told, considering the risks involved and the very volatile nature of religeous actions, the Prelate has done a good job of balancing risk and reward and conducted a safe and productive symposium.

With the success of the colonizing missions to Stone Isle and the region now called Co'naaers, the People are becoming more adamant about expanding ourselves to all the islands to the northeast. They also want to have military outposts further from the homeland, so we can have more advanced warnings of threats and also just to be more aware of our surroundings. A few even desire to move to Celpalar to strengthen relations with our neighbor. But we will still keep the bulk of our forces and People inside the Shield Guard of the Golaren Canopy, to remain hidden and deceptive to outside powers of our true nature. Thus military outposts will be established on the northeastern isles, the isles directly north, the isles directly northwest, the archipelago directly southeast, and a small naval outpost way-station (especially for Celpalar transportation) directly south of Sout of Razania, located on the opposing coast. Also civilian colonies will be founded jointly with the outposts on the northeastern isles. Land grants will be offered as more incentives for those desiring to relocate to the isles. Celpalar will, of course, be offered an invitation to join us in our colonization expedition, and in our building of military outposts. (These joint outposts may yield a bonus for Action IV.)

Action II

Strategic-External (1 of 2)
Type: Colonization
Actor: Margrave Nath'sev
Summary: Colonize the remainder of the Avaerean Isles, and also ask again for some Laria'rathi to move to the designated and secluded place on Celpalar. And build military outposts in outlying islands. (building military outposts beyond basic fortifications common with all colonies will require a seperate action after the colonies are built, these results apply only to the colonization)
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Crafts Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Marine Size Great (+2) [for defense], Consent Superb (+3) [motivation to succeed], Exploitation Great (+2) [finding ways to survive], Influence Great (+2) [motivating to move] (normally, half of the average of secondary determinants would be applied as a modifier (net +1 in this case). In this case, given the nature of the action, I agree with applying the full +2)
Task: Normal (+0)
Modifiers: ++ success from previous colonizations
++ primary orientation conquest and acquisition, secondary orientation expansion
+ colonization preparations have been underway for many years (redundant with first modifier of previous success)
- any unforeseen consequences of native land (none arise, the geographic region is consistent and stable, the only potential upset in this context is weather depending on next year events)
+ familiar and prosperous environment and climate (yep, cancelling the above negative, all is well so far)
Reaction: Business as usual

Part one: 0+3+2+(-1+0+1+0)=+5 an extrordinary beginning to the colonization but fragile as the expansion is very rapid, creating by its very nature the risks of defection, piracy, and the like. As yet, however, no problems have emerged. As a corollary, the extreme widespread colonization combined with the severe reduction in population in the growing areas borders on creating a state of famine within the society. I can't caution strongly enough about the risks of over-extending too fast without sufficient infrastructure to support the expansion. Nevertheless, colonization is currently progressing
Upon discovery of the mysteriously intact room in the ruins with magic emanating from it, well-disciplined guards are posted to keep watch over the room, now under quarantine, reporting any signs of activity. Meanwhile, the scholars, magi, and church are pondering what to do with it. Celpalar as well will be asked for help in this endeavor.

Action III

Type: Intelligence/Research
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Study the room, and the related ruins.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Scholastics Sophistication Superb (+3), Magic Sophistication Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Intelligence Gathering Legendary (+4), Celpalar Relations Good (+1) (redundant with the primary determinants and hence, not directly applicable as secondary modifiers except as already noted in Modifiers)
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: - fear
+ Celpalar help
- - There is, amoung the ruins, originating from the room, an active, agressive sentience. This may become a positive modifier if contact directly with the sentience is attempted but, given the intial state of fear and caution, study of the ruin proper is hampered. (Although this modifier, in and of itself, is certianly a gain of knowledge and might be considered a success)

-1+3-1+1-2+(-1-1+1+0)=-1 Aside from enountering the presence of the sentience, little is gained in the way of specific knowledge. In addition, the fear of the region increases as those who spend an extended period of time near the room develope severe nightmares leading to insomnia and a progressive series of flu-like symptoms. The insomnia does subside after the afflicted are removed from the area but the "illness" is slow to pass and, in extreme cases, seems to result in permanent damage to the arcane abilities of the individual.

Reaction: Public to principality, secret elsewhere

Using the Celpalar transport fleet, some Laria'rathi diplomats and accompanying entourage will be sent to Aryisa, Razan, Taltheran, and Tanimbar. Their public tasks are to open diplomatic relations with each nation, possibly limited trade (basic goods) if deemed appropriate. They state they are from a city on the northern coast called Co'gles. Their private mission is to gather any and all intelligence on each nation. They will be discrete, and will not, if and upon questioning, reveal the existence of the other diplomats in the other countries. This operation will be, for the most part, casual observation. If opportunity presents itself further investigation will not be hesitant. In Taltheran, contact will be pursued and relations opened with the king, merchant houses and the wizard's guild. In Aryisa, diplomats will hint at some ways to support and help them, implying they agree with their cause, but not explicitly stating so. In Razan, subtle suggestions will be made to supply armaments to the Razanians in their war effort. And in Tanimbar, friendly and then trade relations will be pursued as well as suggesting assistance against Cedonia.

Action IV

Intelligence Gathering Legendary (+4), but half due to passive nature of mission
Diplomacy Legendary (+4)
Non-humans (-2?) (I think the -2 for no relations covers this where it is applicable)
Relations non-existent (-2)
Task Normal (+0) (hard -1 due to expanded scope of normal action)

Net (exempting site specific modifiers): +2+4-2-1=+3 as a general action with limited scope of success

What you are actually proposing here is four seperate actions, each consisting of both a political and intelligence gathering portion. On the other hand, it is reasonable to send these diplomats and aquire general observations. Due to the scope of the actions, the success of each mission will necessarily be limited in it's potential and dedicated actions on each front will probably yeild more concrete gains. That being said, I have treated each portion seperately in the below results. As in all cases, if the society is a PS I suggest that, once intial contact is established, diplomacy be conducted more or less directly with the player and, of course, all interaction with a PS is subject to that player's approval. In most cases, the gains are greater and more immediate (it's much easier to negotiate if you can take the dice and GMs completely out of the loop).

In Taltheran, contact will be pursued and relations opened with the king, merchant houses and the wizard's guild.
-2 Modifier due to current political situation (Taltheran is in the middle of a war and many of it's key figures are difficult to gain audience with and, in some cases, not even present within the Taltheran borders)

+3-2+(-1-1+1-1)=-1 Relations are established but little is actually gained beyond initial contact.

In Aryisa, diplomats will hint at some ways to support and help them, implying they agree with their cause, but not explicitly stating so.

+3+(-1-1+1+0)=+2 The diplomatic contact is very successful and definite future groundwork is laid. From the standpoint of information gathering, the Aryisa are very closed, especially regarding their military actions, but observes predict that diplomatic channels should be able to open up intellegence channels with concentrated effort.

In Razan, subtle suggestions will be made to supply armaments to the Razanians in their war effort.

+3+(-1+0+1-1)=+2 Ironically, the Razan contact is effectively a carbon-copy of Aryisa.

And in Tanimbar, friendly and then trade relations will be pursued as well as suggesting assistance against Cedonia.

+3+(+0-1+1+0)=+3 While not willing to currently take up arms (or even discuss it at this point), the Tanimbar are open to relations and trade. There is a singulare exception to this. The Coven, perhaps due to the inhuman nature of the envoys, refuse to treat and border on open suspicion and hostility.

Aeras observed the Tora from afar, remembering to keep hidden among the rainforest. They are a peculiar race, he thought. They have little regard for modesty, yet they seem oblivious to their peculiarity. That man there, he takes so much care for the birds here, even stepping over them when he dances. The celebration tonight is a spectacle. They have caught a rather large boar, and are roasting it, giving worship to their Bird Spirit. Their language is remarkably simple, I learned it within a few weeks after I had been listening to them. Cregas came to me with an unconscious native. He said she was spying me, so he made her sleep. I instructed him to bring her in for interrogation with the others, and wait for the family to come look for her, as they predictably do, and capture them as well. I continued to observe their feast ritual, primitive yet fascinating. The feast went on through the night, the primitives blissfully unaware of our ever-present watchfulness.

After nearly a year observing this race, we regrouped, reported our findings. We now move on to observe the neighboring Hria, peacefully and publicly, acting as merchants and traders in their capitol, while not revealing anything of consequence to them about us. We also send some of us to the Northern Isles to secretly study there. A few are to remain to continue to study the Tora.

Action V

Tactical-External (2 of 2, second of two separate actions)
Type: Observation/Scouting/Intelligence, Diplomacy, Raiding
Actor: Aeralh
Summary: Thorough exploration of northern Qaiyore (both populated and not). Gather all information possible without drawing too much attention.
Secrecy: Secret for now
Primary Determinant: Intelligence Gathering Legendary (+4), Diplomacy Great (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Aeralh Force Legendary (+4) (not applicable and in direct conflict with secrecy)
Task: Normal (+0)
Modifiers: + success from last year, improving morale etc.
++ maps and intelligence provided from Celpalar
+ review of maps and intelligence from previous exploration a few years ago
- extra action
- extreme scope
Reaction: Secret

A through exploration of Northern Qia, in secret is obviously not physically possible, especially given the difficulties encountered when leaving the societies "natural habitat" (especially since the definition of "Northern Qia" is rather vauge). However, if I understand your intentions correctly, your goal is to gain a working knowledge of the societies and areas north of your own, engaging in covert diplomacy with the locals when it is necessary. I have resolved the action under this assumption.

+4+1+2+1-2-2+(+0+0-1-1)=+2 The exploration teams lead by Aeralh are able to gain a general working knowledge of the Northern (non-desert) portions of Qai. (Roughly the same information which is provided on the web-site). Through the occasional interaction with native peoples, Aeralh further encounters an additional point of interest. The powers of isolated "primative" shamans, especially those engaging in primative "spirit" worship, are well above what would normally be expected. Not only does it appear that shamanism is a viable field of arcanum (contrary to traditional teachings) but that the "spirits" of Qai are unusually active in the preservation of the isolated, primative tribes and cultures scattered and hidden in the forgotten pockets of the continent. While never encountered in active opposition, several times Aeralh finds a specific native tribe virtually invisible or inapproachable with no other explination than an external interferance, almost as though these tribes were being silently nudged out of his path or even temporarily intangible.