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Actions in the Game Year 1419

Society Name: The Laria'rathi

Reports and rumors circulate among the people of the atrocities committed by the desert warriors. They murder women and children, lay waste to cities, farms, all the land. They have no mercy, no honour.

Action I (double action)

Type: Fundamental, Preparation (3 of 4)
Actor: local lords (more contact with people and so easier to influence locals)
Summary: Increase food production and storage, general military readiness by convincing people of possibility of Threat to their life and need to prepare.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Consent Superb (+3), Influence Superb (+3), Agricultural Crafts Legendary (+4), Resources Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Exploitation Great (+2)
Task: Hard (-1), only somewhat difficult to perform is military readiness, remaining objectives should be relatively easy
Modifiers: + now since production has increased somewhat, the reserves should be easier to store
+ agriculture not even near full production
++ intimidation and fear tactics employed by describing atrocities of enemy, and Laria'rathi people have intense hatred of any dishonourable activity-especially of an enemy
- people have not been convinced of immediate danger
+ reports and rumors incite people to work harder and bolster military ranks
+ double action
Reaction: Business as usual

Results so far +2 -1 +2 -1 (- 1 -1 0 -1) + (+1 -1 +1 +1) + (-1 0 +1 -1) + 2 + ()

(No time for story, sorry.)

Action II (double action)

Strategic-External (3 of 3)
Type: Military and Popular (Civilian) Colonization Expedition
Actor: Margrave Nath'sev and Baron Hadril
Summary: Build joint colonies by Celpalar and Atares gi'Calaa. Make the colonies permanent.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Engineering Crafts Superb (+3), Consent Superb (+3) [motivation to succeed]
Secondary Determinant: Marine Size Great (+2) [for defense], Exploitation Great (+2) [finding ways to survive]
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: + high morale among both Laria'rathi and humans (from last year)
+ primary orientation conquest and acquisition, secondary orientation expansion
+ colonization preparations have been underway for many years
- new land
- any unforeseen consequences of native land
+ each race is willing to work together for the common good, while trying its best to put aside personal differences
+ familiar and prosperous environment and climate
+ morale high from previous years
+ fortifications and defences were successful
+ double action
Reaction: Less Risky

+3 -1 +4 -2 (0 0 0 +1) +5 Complete Success

The Colonies are complete