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Actions in the Game Year 1418

Society Name: Laria'rathi


The Priest of Kel'ren'aie resive word to protect the Island of the Ruins.

Extreme effort will be made to explain how to integrate Celpali living practices into the Kel'ren'aie faith to those repulsed by last year's effort. The members of the church on Celpalar (human and Laria'rathi) and its colonies will also emphasize the superiority of our faith. Since the initial rush conversion was not successful, the members of the church and other Shakaari will work on long-term relationships with locals and local leaders, demonstrating to them how Kel'ren'aie is better than their ritual religion.

Action I

Strategic-External (2 of 2)
Type: Conversion
Actor: Prelate Le'noir
Summary: Continue to actively seek out Celpali and convert them to believers in Kel'ren'aie. The focus will be narrowed to try to convert Celpalar leaders and influential people, in the hopes that they will then convert their followers and constituents.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Religion Sophistication Superb (+3), Influence Religion Legendary (+4)
Secondary Determinant: Philosophical Orientation Acquisition, Conquest (+2) [desire to expand faith]
Task: Very Hard (-2)
Modifiers: + success of building of temple and tremendous recent local reception of the foreign faith
-- local religion already a part of culture, life
- humans
+ most Celpali are not devoutly religious, thus leaving them open to foreign influence
+ Church of Kel'ren'aie is well organized and devoted to spreading the faith
- Celpali may be wary of too much foreign influence
[A renewed emphasis will be placed on these next three items.]
+ reception of Kel'ren'aie will help their magicians understand and practice our magicks
+ accepting Kel'ren'aie will aid both our people in combining to form a unique culture
+ conversion will be conducive to peaceful joint colonization ventures, as we will both have more similar goals
(These three are not relevent as they are after affects and not directly related)
- human stubbornness and resistance to change
[new modifiers]
+ focus narrowed to select few now and not general populace as before
+ members of the church will use the powers of Kel'ren'aie to benefit the Celpali in their lives to help convince them of the reality of our faith
+ Celpali will try to be convinced they will not need to change their ritual ways significantly; their ritual may just be another expression of the Kel'ren'aie faith
+ aid of recently converted Celpali from two years ago, now more mature in their faith and able to spread it better
-- apathy and rejection from last year
(+) (if neccessary) integration of two religions and not full-fledged conversion (we'll save that for later)

Results +4 -2 +6 -6 (0 0 -1 -1) = 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: Some of the people listen but the majority of the people state they do not want to change religions.

The initial colonists are very pleased with their success. Now fortifications must continue to be built to keep out undesirables and protect the locals. A castle will be constructed for defense at each colony, using local resources as much as feasible. Special care will be used in Stone Isle, the colony with the ruins, to protect it. Divine protection of the fortifications will be implemented by the Church of Kel'ren'aie. A new organ of the church will be created; this will be composed of many templar and magi, led by a few guards and Sentry Moorgral. More farming towns will be built as we expand. Food supplies have been ample but we should save some for a possible bad harvest or some other mishap.

Action II

Strategic-External (2 of 3)
Type: Military and Popular (Civilian) Colonization Expedition
Actor: Margrave Nath'sev and Baron Hadril
Summary: Build joint colonies by Celpalar and Atares gi'Calaa, and reinforce and expand boundaries of colonies.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Engineering Crafts Superb (+3), Religion Sophistication Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Marine Size Great (+2) [for defense], Consent Superb (+3) [motivation to succeed], Exploitation Great (+2) [finding ways to survive]
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: + high morale among both Laria'rathi and humans (from last year)
+ primary orientation conquest and acquisition, secondary orientation expansion
+ colonization preparations have been underway for many years
- new land
- any unforeseen consequences of native land
+ each race is willing to work together for the common good, while trying its best to put aside personal differences
+ familiar and prosperous environment and climate
Reaction: Less Risky

Resutls +3 -1 +3 -2 ( -1 -1 -1 +1) = +1 Success

Suggestion: The colonies are successful fortifed. All except Stone Island. The physical foritfications were successful built, but something stoped Kel'ren'aie protection from beign place on the island.

Action III

Strategic-Internal/External (2 of 2) Type: Research
Actor: Prelate Le'noir, Margrave Magus Garin and the various scholars of the realm
Summary: Continue to delve into the historical texts, libraries, academies and any other applicable resources of each nation to find any common heritage.
Secrecy: Normal, and to anyone not involved directly in research, release of the information to public is conditional upon what the results are
Primary Determinant: Scholastics Sophistication Superb (+3), Academic and Historical Resources Superb (+3) [they are awesome record keepers, partly because connections with past are very important]
Secondary Determinant: Exploitation Great (+2), Authority/Influence Great (+2)
Task: Huge (-3)
Modifiers: ++ men of learning are extremely familiar with research methods and race's history
++ joint and determined effort
-- unlikely, yet still possible, anything will be found
- some difficulty and unfamiliarity working with humans
Reaction: Heroic

Results so far: +3 -3 +4 -3 (-1 -1 0 +1) + (+1 +1 0 -1) = +1 Success

Suggestion: Some distant conections are discovered.

"The people are not convinced of this danger."
"Then let's give them something to be convinced of."
"What do you propose?"
"Some reports of barbarian desert-men from across the sea have come into Celpalar. These desert-men have been agents of the dark. They have pillaged and decimated many."
"So we feed the people these reports?"

Action IV

Type: Fundamental, Preparation (2 of 4)
Actor: Prince Sel'pa, but mostly local lords (more contact with people and so easier to influence locals)
Summary: Increase food production and storage, general military readiness by convincing people of possibility of Threat to their life and need to prepare.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Consent Superb (+3), Influence Great (+2), Agricultural Crafts Legendary (+4), Resources Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Exploitation Great (+2)
Task: Hard (-1), only somewhat difficult to perform is military readiness, remaining objectives should be relatively easy
Modifiers: + now since production has increased somewhat, the reserves should be easier to store
+ agriculture not even near full production
++ intimidation and fear tactics employed by describing atrocities of enemy, and Laria'rathi people have intense hatred of any dishonourable activity-especially of an enemy
- people have not been convinced of immediate danger
Reaction: Business as usual

Results so far +2 -1 +2 -1 (- 1 -1 0 -1) + (+1 -1 +1 +1) + () + ()

Suggestion: They stories told by the government begins to have its affect on the people they are slowly beging to work towards the goal.

Action V

An 'advisory platoon' will accompany the Celpali on their raid of Parglug. These men will bring back first-hand intelligence of Celpalar at war, learning from its warriors and aiding when prudent. Fourty Aeralh (prince's mega/ultra-elite sentries), four templar (elite holy knights of Kel'ren'aie), four clerics (defender knights of Kel'ren'aie) eight adepts (magic-users), and eight rectors (priests- dispatched to protect platoon from evil and environment) will compose this force [Size: Tiny, Force: Holy]. These 'expeditionary advisors' will be led by the lord Templar Lar'tek and his lieutenant, lord Pas'kra Aeralh. Raids will try most to be conducted first in the countryside during summer nights (and other stealthy conditions), capturing entire families from farmhouses and the like if individual women and children would be noticed missing. After available farmhouses are exhausted, then small farming villages' villagers will be captured all in as short a time as possible. If the ships are still not full enough, then we shall move to raiding other areas (e.g. Cormenaera and other eligible Free Cities). All reasonable effort will be made not to kill anyone; the people are supposed to just disappear, not be left for dead, if any evidence of the perpetrators be left behind. Our raiding aim is to capture many women and children, and men too as necessary, using any means necessary (magic (i.e. illusion, deception, manipulation, teleportation, etc.), physical force (e.g. knock unconscious) etc). Items of opportunity will also be taken (e.g. certain raiding trophies).

The fleet's ships will fly the flags of independent mercenaries/pirates mixed with flags of Videssia for raids on Parglug and also for raids on other Free Cities (to try to break up the alliance, it just might work- doubtful as a secondary consequence but worth a try). Celpalar military will be disguised as much as possible to be Videssian in nature (through magical and conventional means). Atares gi'Calaa forces will be disguised through illusory magicks and other available means. Engagement with the enemy at sea shall be avoided at all costs, unless in impending danger. Some of the Laria'rathi ships will be large cargo hauling ships used in cases such as this; these ships are protected by magical and divine forces, prohibiting the scrying and other magicks used to determine the contents of the ships. Other Laria'rathi ships will be men o' war, manned by the Celpalar navy; these warships also have magical and divine protections. Note: Celpalar trade routes with Paglug (if still in effect) should be unaffected by these raids if our cover and guise are maintained, if not they may be put in jeopardy, unless an agreement may be reached (possibly concerning assistance against Videssia?).


Type: Small Scale Raids (Supporting Celpalar Action)
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Assist and practice joint warfare raiding with Celpalar on Parglug, and possibly Free Cities as necessary, too.
Secrecy: Utmost (esp. to Parglug and Free Cities)
Primary Determinant: Aeralh Force Extremely Legendary (+5), Magic Sophistication Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Celpalar Military/Political Relations Good (+1)
Task: Easy (+1) [Society scope difference, if no scope difference is taken into account, then Hard (-1)]
(Huge -3 I gave it for one I have to give for both.)
Modifiers: -(?) Celpalar humans, but working for common good
+ experienced at raiding for a variety of resources
- possibly hostile weather, but travelling by sea and raiding coastal settlements- so weather should not have so great an effect on them, also rectors, clerics and templar especially ask for divine help
- secrecy to Parglug, not want immediate notice of missing people
+ Parglug occupied with Videssia
- trying to learn warfare from each other
+ many young women and children in Parglug (What does this have to do with raids.)
+ unexpected raid, surprise factor

Results + 5 -3 -4 +3 (-1 -1 -1 -1 ) = -3 Complete Faliure

Suggestion: The Parlug bloackade of Videssia has its ships scatter around. Before the L'R or the Celpalar knows what happens they are attacked the Pralug resently learned tacktis catches the ships unprepared. A few of the ships sink and at that poin the Celpalar navy backs out and returns to Celpalar.