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Actions in the Game Year 1417

Society Name: Laria'rathi

Action I

Type: Infrastructure Construction
Actor: Margrave Magus Garin
Summary: Construct and implement a highest-division-level university for magical studies. This will be located near the newly built joint marketplace of Sur'al and Tol Naur. Goal is to increase magic diversity and sophistication over time.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Magic Crafts Superb (+3) [Authority Great (+2), Guillaume is right- political and technical are different, and I am building the school with magic forces :).]
Secondary Determinant: Religion Great (+2), Resources Superb (+3)
Task: Very Hard (-2)
Modifiers: - difficulty finding qualified instructors and materials (To counter Guillaume's claim on the negative resources, I was talking about having difficulty finding better instructors and learning materials than my people already have, so with Celpalar's help this can (hopefully) be lessened or nullified.)
- mixture of humans and Laria'rathi
+ common goal of magicians/academics to further develop magic
+ will draw upon magic resources of both nations to find qualified instructors and materials, not just own mages at first

Results +3 -2 -2 +2 (0 0 -1 +1) = +1 Success

Suggestion: School is built but does not have as much help as hoped for.
The academy is built but does not have the academic resources for sustained discipleship. News spreads of the failed conversions of the people of Celpalar, further exacerbating masters unwillingness to leave their local practices for an untried venture with humans. Perhaps the recently constructed marketplace will provide more outside resources and draw magi and rectors to teach at the academy

Action II

Strategic-External (1 of 2)
Type: Conversion
Actor: Prelate Le'noir
Summary: Actively seek out Celpali and convert them to believers in Kel'ren'aie.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Religion Sophistication Superb (+3), Authority/Influence Religion Legendary (+4)
Secondary Determinant: Philosophical Orientation Acquisition, Conquest (+2)
Task: Very Hard (-2)
Modifiers: ++ success of building of temple and tremendous recent local reception of the foreign faith
-- local religion already a part of culture, life
- humans
+ most Celpali are not devoutly religious, thus leaving them open to foreign influence
+ Church of Kel'ren'aie is well organized and devoted to spreading the faith
- Celpali may be wary of too much foreign influence
+ reception of Kel'ren'aie will help their magicians understand and practice our magicks
+ accepting Kel'ren'aie will aid both our people in combining to form a unique culture
+ conversion will be conducive to peaceful joint colonization ventures, as we will both have more similar goals
-- human stubbornness and resistance to change

Results +3 -2 +4 -5 (+1 -1 -1 0) -1 Failure

"Suggestion: Celpalar's religion is too much apart of their life for them. None are converted. The Celpali resist the outsiders' faith, although they do not totally shun it. They have begun to understand their ally more even though none have been converted so far this year."

Action III

Strategic-External (1 of 3)
Type: Military and Popular (Civilian) Colonization Expedition
Actor: Margrave Nath'sev and Baron Hadril
Summary: Build joint colonies by Celpalar and Atares gi'Calaa.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Crafts Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Marine Size Great (+2) [for defense], Consent Superb (+3) [motivation to succeed], Exploitation Great (+2) [finding ways to survive]
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: + success from previous year's exploration
++ primary orientation conquest and acquisition, secondary orientation expansion
+ colonization preparations have been underway for many years
- new land
- any unforeseen consequences of native land
- humans
+ each race is willing to work together for the common good, while trying its best to put aside personal differences
+ familiar and prosperous environment and climate

Results +3 -1 +3 -3 (+1 +1 0 +1) = +5 Complete Success

Suggestion: There are no problems in settling the island. The Two Societies get along well with each other.
The central two islands in the Avaerean archipelago and the rainforests just NE of the Kivirian Mountains have begun settlement by a joint effort of the Laria'rathi and Celpali races. The terrain and environment are so similar to what the Laria'rathi are accustomed to, they do not even notice a change in living habits except for the different scenery. The new farming towns are built with the abundance of local lumber. No natives are encountered nor even signs of their habitation present. Farming, hunting and fishing quickly fall back into routine as the humans try to adapt to their new environment. With their ally's aid they are able to overcome some of the fundamental means of existence, but still their comfort lacks; they are not familiar with the harsh outback. Fortifications are begun, but will require more time than usual because of the smaller workforce, even though competence of the human pioneering colonists is ample. To the amazement of most of the Laria'rathi, the humans have been seen as pulling their own weight in the formations of the colonies. Each race surprisingly works well with each other in their communal environment, as each has his own strengths to put to use. Morale for both races is running high.

Action IV

Strategic-Internal/External (1 of 2)
Type: Research
Actor: Prelate Le'noir, Margrave Magus Garin and the various scholars of the realm
Summary: Delve into the historical texts, libraries, academies and any other applicable resources of each nation to find any common heritage.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Scholastics Sophistication Superb (+3), Academic and Historical Resources Superb (+3) [they are awesome record keepers, partly because connections with past are very important]
Secondary Determinant: Exploitation Great (+2), Authority/Influence Great (+2)
Task: Huge (-3)
Modifiers: + men of learning are extremely familiar with research methods and race's history
++ joint and determined effort
-- unlikely, yet still possible, anything will be found
- some difficulty and unfamiliarity working with humans

Results +3 -3 +4 -3 (-1 -1 0 +1) = 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: There might be a connection but the records are too vague to tell.
Further study and interpretation of the ancient records of our races is necessary before a final conclusion may be made.

Action V

Type: Fundamental, Preparation (1 of 4)
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Increase population growth, food production and storage, general military readiness by convincing people of possibility of Threat to their life and need to prepare.
Secrecy: Normal
Primary Determinant: Consent Superb (+3) [-1 for this year], Resources Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Exploitation Great (+2)
Task: Hard (-1), only somewhat difficult to perform is military readiness, remaining objectives should be relatively easy
Modifiers: - extra action for this year
+ agriculture not even near full production

Results so far +2 -1 +2 -1 (- 1 -1 0 -1) + () + () + ()

Suggestion: Does not start out that well.
The people are not convinced of the urgency of the danger and so do not begin preparations in earnest.