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Actions in Game Year 1416

Society Name: Laria'rathi

As the human waits at the rim of the forest, two figures approach from the wood. They are unarmed, but wear a heavy plate of mail. The figures stop to study this foreigner.

{I've never seen a human this close. He is odd. And no weapons. Brave little human.}
They step closer, the human finally notices he was being watched. "I, Chiron, ask to meet with Margrave Aehrenth."
The armor-clad figures exchange a glance and return to walk into the wood; one first, followed by Chiron, then the second.
They walk for days, traveling indirectly into the forest. The human attempts to converse with the now apparently warriors /perhaps the best physical description would be bigger and more scaly Klingons- about eight to nine feet tall and muscular, with slightly greenish skin color/, but all attempts are either ignored or not able to be understood. The warriors provide the diplomat with food from the jungle, and resume their journey, one always in the aft and one always in the fore. After possibly weeks of silence, a small farming village is come upon. After a little while in waiting, a man steps out from a house, followed by a few others. He is rather tall, over nine feet in height. Dressed in a simple suit of mail with a sword at his side, he addresses the ambassador. " I am Margrave Templar Prelate Aehrenth, Knight-lord of the southern Marches of Su'ral, defender of the river Ran'i, retainer of the sacred sacraments of Kharuj."
With that, Aehrenth indicates the ambassador to speak. Aehrenth listens respectively to Chiron's proposal, and, at his closure, states, "You seem a reasonable human, and patient, according to my men, and so I shall send for Prince Sel'pa. I do not have direct authority to enter into any covenant with another state and the whole of mine own. You, apparently, do. He should arrive a few weeks hence. Until then, reside here with me."
The next few weeks are spent exploring each other's culture and history more extensively. (If Chiron wishes, he may have a few others sent for, and they will be escorted to him.) (Note: Chiron shall not have any contact with any Laria'rathi women here, they have been sent away to be protected from outside human influence; only this small delegation present of Laria'rathi males has been selected for prior training in alien encounters and none else has been authorized to have any contact with aliens.)

"I am Emissary Legate lord Paral'teue, Prince Sel'pa does not wish to pollute himself with the memory of a human; by consequence, he has sent me to best determine our course of action.
"Prince Sel'pa has little intelligence of the Aryisa and Razanian conflict you speak so urgently of. Our prince shall not become embroiled in a foreign war solely because of you. We shall determine our own destiny. If we come to agreement upon the matters at hand, then we may be persuaded by our own accord to intervene in other states' affairs, for their own interest, since, if the facts prove, they cannot or will not govern themselves. We, also, are undertaking a colonization effort. A joint exploration and colonization force set forth by your proposed guidelines would be acceptable for our people. Free and untaxed trade between our nations is permissible, and Celpalar shall act as intermediate between our merchants and foreign. A magician training institution shall be established, drawing upon both our people's resources, for the advanced training and practice of particularly gifted students, at a mutually agreeable location. Realize this, we will never abandon our Kel'ren'aie, to any false gods, and subsequently some of your training methods may not be used, but your people are free to follow Kel'ren'aie if he permits. We accept your aid in our diplomacy with other states, we shall use your island as an intermediary. Integration of our military and magical forces is not easily accomplished. Our troops, surely, practice different tactics. Some time would be necessary to combine and maximize the troops and men, each to their own effective purpose.
Be advised, stand clear of the northeast province, Margrave Nath'sev cares not for the company of humans, and will slaughter any he has any notion of. He may be persuaded not to kill any of your state, if they properly identify themselves in time, in order for him to conserve his forces for a more fulfilling and worthy enemy. Prince Sel'pa rejects your offer of him being made a member of your Meltolyn, in his stead appointing Margrave Aehrenth."
Taken aback, Aehrenth answers, "I am honored, and pleased to have this opportunity. I accept my responsibility."
Paral'teue continues, "We shall permit your colonies to remain on our island, granted: They, nor their occupants, expand into any further of our land.
They, and their occupants, keep themselves to their own, unless requested or required by an edict of law or other such binding legislation.
Some Laria'rathi begin living, relatively undisturbed, on Celpalar, as you have been living among us so long, so we may more fully experience the culture and behaviors of humans, before dealing extensively with any abroad.
"Prince Sel'pa requires more time to consider your request of a multi-island, dual-racial nation and its methods of governance as well as the military alliance you have proposed, however, we still maintain our racial superiority to other humans, we only elevate your people because of our common cultural and historical heritage.
"One law we must agree upon from the first, Only state-approved inter-racial procreation shall be permitted, dis-approved procreation is prohibited and punishable by nothing less than death to all involved parties.
"We have remained silent for many generations, and we largely wish to remain so, at least to the remainder of the world. We realize, however, our surroundings affect our course. We thank you and respect you for your past protections of our life. We have come to outright agreement in some of your terms; in short, you will largely be the merchant and diplomatic outlet to our world, while we shall act behind the forest as a compilation of military, magical, and economic might, alongside with our neighbors of Celpalar. We shall have a great course, permitting no deception, from yours and ours. We sincerely value our privacy, and will not have it unduly tread upon."

Action I

Type: Diplomacy
Actor: Margrave Aehrenth and Ephor Chiron
Summary: Alliance of Celpalar and Atares gi'Calaa
Secrecy: Action and Result (to rest of world)
Primary Determinant: Relations-Fair (+0), Laria'rathi Reputation known to be honorable and both states are willing to secure an alliance (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Influence Superb (+3)
Task: Very Hard (-2) This has never been done before on this world.
Modifiers: + seasoned diplomats deliver letters
++ have discovered our cultures and histories and peoples are very similar
- general dislike of humans (racially inferior)
Reaction: Heroic
++ Culuters are similar and helps them both
- there Humans (yuk : )

Results +2 -2 +3 -1 (-1 +0 -1 +1) = +1 Complete Success

Suggestion: The treaty is signed, and relations start of well. Relations start at Political +1, Trade +2, Cultural 0

action II

Type: Trade
Actor: Margrave Aehrenth
Summary: Establish free trade with Celpalar without having other nations know of our existence. Celpalar can tell its trading partners they found a new cache of resources (keep location secret, of course).
Secrecy: Normal (remainder of world)
Primary Determinant: Resources Superb (+3), Wealth Good (+1)
Secondary Determinant: Celpalar Trade Relations Great (+2), Exploitation Great (+2)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: ++ potential is enormous for both parties involved
- each race's merchants will require some time before they fully
understand each other's various business, cultural etc. practices
Reaction: Risky

Results +1 +3 -1 (0 0 +1 0) = +4 Great Success

Suggestion: Traders are the same the world round. It does not matter where they are from or what race they are from. The Laria'rathi traders and the Celpalar quickly overcome their differences and start trading.

Action III

Type: Exploration
Actor: Baron Seegraf lord Hadril
Summary: Scout possible locations for colonization in the surrounding islands and northern Qaiyore, also looking for anything unusual, i.e. ancient ruins, tribes, war parties etc.
Secrecy: Total, do not wish to have other nations than Celpalar know we are expanding. If any other contact is had with other nations, then the effort will be made to disguise the Laria'rathi fleet or destroy the onlookers.
Primary Determinant: Hadril is an extremely experienced sea captain (+2), see biography (This would be a modifier not a Determinant.)
Secondary Determinant: Marine Force Superb (+3)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + the lands have already been scouted several years ago, we're just looking for anything new, different, better suitable etc.
+ maps provided by Celpalar
-- stealth needs to be preserved if the eventual colonization is to be successful
Reaction: business as usual

Results +3 +2 -2 (0 +1 -1 -1) =+2 Complet success

Suggestion: The coast of Northern Qaiyore is discovered to be perfect for the Laria'rathi but it is heavily populated. There is one island that is discovered that has the ruins of an old city. It is perfect for the Laria'rathi.

Many of the surrounding islands are explored, and while most are suitable for habitation and eventual colonization, one is particularly interesting because it has ruins of an ancient city. The northern coast is discovered to have local human jungle tribes inhabiting some parts of the jungle forest, a forest environment perfectly suitable for our people. Some of the northern islands are found to be inhabited by a reasonably advanced human society. These merit additional observation and study. We had no encounters with outsiders during our journey.

Action IV

Type: Diplomacy
Actor: Emissary in Mir, Emissary Paral'teue
Summary: Determine just what is happening in the world, of course from the viewpoint of Mir; (Basically get an idea of relations between nations, as well as the status of the threat.) and also determine Celpalar's state of relations and attitudes with the rest of the world (with their status of course being biased to themselves)
Secrecy: Normal (Existence of L'R nation is not to be revealed to other non-Mirish or Celpali, emissary is made to be independent operative of some 'concerned' organization if questioned of national origin by outsiders.)
Primary Determinant: Relations
Secondary Determinant: (princely) Authority Superb (+3)
Task: Easy (+1)
Modifiers: + established diplomat in Mir, already there, just needs to ask some questions
+ just about everybody important is talking about it, knows something
+ Atares gi'Calaa and Celpalar governments wish to unify their foreign policy, this is one step toward it
- These are humans.
Reaction: cautious

Results +3 +1 +3 -1 ( -1 -1 +1 -1) = +4 Great Success

Suggestion: Talk with the player about this one.

Emissary Paral'teue was becoming impatient with the Mirish delagation in Atares gi'Calaa. He makes his way into the house where the Mirish diplomat is staying, on the Coast of Tears, not even bothering to knock at the door.
"I demand to know all you know of this Threat you keep speaking of but yet refuse to tell us about. Kel'ren'aie only tells us to be prepared. He will not say any more yet. Do not leave us in the shadows, we do not take kindly to being ignored and brushed off as though we were inferior to you. We are not. Atares gi'Calaa is not. Speak your mind, human. Do not force me to take it from you!" Paral'teue awaits the response from the human.

Emissary Hent looked at the Emissary Paral'teue for a moment. Then he spoke. "You are brave to come in here and demand things of me."
"You have been brushing us aside. Us the children of Kel'ren'aie." Emissary Paral'teue said to the Emissary Hent.
"No we have not. We have just been gathering the information." Emissary Hent said.
"Then tell us what you know." Emissary Paral'teue resonded.
"You might as well sit down." Emissary Hent said. Paral'teue remainded standing. Hent contiuned. "Long ago their was a evil Sorcerer called Alatta. He lived was the power behind the throne of Avarea. He was jealous about Mirs power, and so he had his king declare war on Mir. Some thing happened after that. Not everyone agrees what but something happened. The Isle of Avarea was no longer there, and many of the islands surronding it were gone as well." Paral'teue looked at the Emissary Hent and sat down. This was a story that had been told many time among his people. Hent continued. "We assumed that Alatta had been dealt with. We were wrong. He returned but he did not return here no he returned to Elyria, and from there he tried to enter Qaiyore throught Celpalar."
"How evil is this Alatta?" Paral'teue asked.
"Only a god or Goddess could battle him face to face." Hent said. "But Alatta was stoped."
"If the threat is gone then why is Kel'ren'aie telling us to be ready?" Paral'teue responded.
"Their is another threat that emerged after that. When the Island of Avarea sank. Something had happened in Mir. We had this floating city floating over us and we had a bunch of spirts creaters that started working for us. Well a couple centuries later. The rebeled and we imprisoned them in the floating city. Well now the Traitor."
"Who is the Traitor." Paral'teue said.
"He has made a deal with some insane imortail that has something to do with the Eerith." Hent went on with out even agnoliging the question.
"You have to know more then that." Paral'teue said.
"That is all that I have been given permision to tell you. Only the Archmage can tell you more, and he will only tell it to you Prince." Hent looked at Paral'teue then said. "I would tell you more but the council has ordered other wieses. They fell that we need to be careful. Only the Archmage himself knows everthing though. He did tell me thought that he would be willing to vist the Prince here and tell him what the Prince wishes to know."
"Thank You I will tell you what is said." Paral'teue stands up and leaves the old Sorcerer to his reading.

Action V
Strategic-External-> Internal
Type: Infrastructure Construction
Actor: Priesthood, Margrave Aehrenth
Summary: Construction of a temple to Kel'ren'aie on Celpalar for transplanted Laria'rathi and also to convert as much of the locals as possible. Construct trading port and market on the Tanagul Sea, just south of the central Celpali colony of Tol Naur, solely dedicated to trade with Celpalar.
Secrecy: only to other nations
Primary Determinant: Religion Tolerance Great (+2), Authority Great (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Crafts Superb (+3)
Task: Easy (+1)
Modifiers: + protection of Celpalar aids in providing workers, since joint effort
+ motivated to build because of potential for converts (philosophical orientation conquest: religion)
+ trade is to benefit both societies better if the port and market are constructed
- extra action
- Their still humans
Reaction: Risky

Results +2 +1 +3 -1 ( +1 +1 0 0) -1 = +6 Superb Success

Suggestion: The L'R meet with not resistance and have no problem with building them.
The new trading center easily accommodates the beginnings of trade with Celpalar. The market is built large enough and well enough to also be used as a small fort as well as having lebensraum to spare for expanding trade. The local populace helps build and is willing to work the warehouses and the growing marketplace. It is built between the largest Celpali colony of Tol Naur and on the fringes of the Southern Woods. The temple to Kel'ren'aie on Celpalar is first met with curiosity and then eagerness by the locals to help built it. This temple is arguably the most magnificent church-fortress yet, with the white stone, ivory and other building materials provided by Celpalar. The local Celpali are very interested in the Kel'ren'aie faith and many flock to convert their ways and means of living to this newfound personal life's faith.
This temple is truly a blessing, signifying perhaps a great expansion of the church and a time for celebration.
(This action helps to start to increase the religious diversity of Celpalar.)

Action VI

Type: Colonization
Actor: Prince Sel'pa
Summary: Transplant volunteers to live on the Isle of Celpalar relatively secluded, but also open to experience and learn from the Celpali. They will also be acting as a firsthand contact to the Celpali populace of what we Laria'rathi are like. Secrecy: only to other nations, I don't think it will be a problem.
Primary Determinant: Consent Superb (+3)
Secondary Determinant: Celpalar Relations Good (+1)
Task: Easy (+1) ( Normal +0)
Modifiers: -- extra action
- Two different races. (They are humans, they are not humans.)
+ Treaty
Reaction: Risky

Results +4 +0+1 -3 (0 -1 -1-1 ) = -1 Failure

Suggestion: Signing a treaty is one thing. Trying to make friends of two races is another. A few of the L'R move but not many as they do not want to deal with the Celpalar people. For next year there is a -1 to the Prince's consent.
The colonists consist almost solely of members of the church of Kel'ren'aie, interested in spreading the faith, with the remaining being enterprising merchants. The peasants are wary of interacting with foreigners, and humans especially, and both are even worse.
"The peasantry will require more time to interact with your people in non threatening environments, before it becomes persuaded to live among you." Emissary Paral'teue concluded this transition would not be as easily accomplished as he would have liked. "Perchance we could find a common ground in our past to help merge our two peoples into one, without significantly altering our cultures to their detriment."
Paral'teue remembered his visit to Celpalar. He recalled the variety of people, their buildings, method of governance, and of course, how could he forget the statue of their founder!

"Your god bears striking resemblance to our ancient Lords of the Sea, disciples of the waters they commanded and guarded. Our lords may well have taught you the very same disciplines, or you may be, however unlikely, their descendents, by blood or by discipline. And since our lords were disciples of our greatest provider, Kel'ren'aie, you may have fallen astray from his path through foreign influence and reliance on ritual rather than personal atonement. While ritual is often necessary, it is not the sole means of worship. And so we should endeavor to find some manner of our races being related, somehow."