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Society Determinants


Society name  Ker NŽlemni na Ka'Shari
Location  Midsea, central Qaiyore (mobile)
Languages  ?
Size  Very Small:  population 5,000; landarea not applicable
Philosophical orientation  Primary : Survival
acquisition of a new homeland and keep their _tradition_ alive


Subsistence ? (Not applicable....?)


Ruling agency  "The guide who speaks for all", whose decisions are validated by elders and women.
Key elements  Family Fleet leaders (5 families)

Talatemke'Shylni (sages, means "Keepers of Tradition")

Internal politics  The Guide:

Influence : Fair (0)
Keeping control of the population is hard for rulers. Fleet leaders are autonomous and space relations don't have the same aspects as on land.

Authority : Great
Despite this anarchic tendancy, Ka'Shari need a guide and once a ruler is designated, he gains quite a sacred position. And this guide is not an autocrat, he governs closely with elders, other leaders and women's council.

Consent : Fair (0)

"Night Light" Fleet:

Like to explore new areas. They usually precede the whole fleet. These Ka'Shari will certainly be the first encountered by native societies. Many explorers from this family fleet became legends. These Ka'Shari are not involved in any political venture.

Influence: Fair
Authority : Good
Consent : Great

"Far Horizon" Fleet:

This fleet is the armed agent of the Talatemke'Shylni. Its leader is himself a renowned member of a famous ShemaÔ. Traditionalists, these Ka'Shari are reputed to be more secretive than others. Some fear that they follow their own agenda.

Influence : Good
Authority : Great
Consent : Fair

"Unfathomable wave" Fleet: Led by Kiri'Le'Anh (his son is named Gayan'Tor)

Best warriors can be found among this fleet. Prone to fight for their rights, most of this fleet say that the Exile has to be ended soon. According to them, Ka'Shari must find a new home, using any possible mean. Talatemke'Shylni are not in a strong position here...

Influence : Great
Authority : Good
Consent : Fair

"Evening Wind" Fleet:

This fleet is relatively peaceful and produces good traders or diplomats. They follow the traditions, they are the most loyal allies of the actual Guide.

Power : Good
Authority : Fair
Consent : Good

The fifth fleet is not considered as a faction as it is the Guide's one.


Authority: Good
Influence: Good
Consent : Fair

These scholars are well respected, but instead people tend to listen their temporal leaders.

External politics 
All (Fair)    Fair
TBD (base)    value ()

During their exile, the Ka'Shari had contacts with many cultures including some are still standing in the MidSea area. Unfortunately, the majority of these relations are completely obsolete.

Capability and culture

Military organization  Ka'Shari didn't really developed an organized army. Instead, we can spot individuals which bear traditional position on each ship. Inheriting prestigious titles from their original culture, these Protectors could be compared to knights. Their mission is to train warriors to organize defense in front of menace. Leading small units of seasoned warriors, they can gather to form larger units when on land but they are dispatched on the ships most of the time.
Several Protectors and their entourage could be found on larger ships more dedicated to military missions or where leaders live.

Outside this elite, warfare is a matter that means for everybody. Even women or teenagers are trained to fight with long daggers or sabers. Pirates or slavers that tried to attack Ka'Shari small fleets or lone ships learned Ka'Shari valor.

Depending on circumstances, Ka'Shari fleets could be reorganized around warships where volunteer forces are commanded by Protectors.
Military values  Protectors

Force: Good
Size: Small

General Populous

Force: Fair
Size: Fair
Economic system  Ka'Shari are not individualistic, and their economy is not based on possession. Goods and resources are gathered and managed by the group. Depending on needs, the community decides to dispatch food or goods to families during weekly councils. Barter is common between ships or fleets and is an occasion to gather for cheer festivals.

Ka'Shari are not ignorant of currency. They met many cultures and traded with some. A quaiyoran trader could very surprised to discover that Ka'Shari deal with strange currencies, or obsolete, even forgotten ones.
Economic values 
Craft (Fair)          Fair
Resources (Poor)      Poor
Exploitation (Superb) Superb
Trade (Good)          Good
Wealth (Mediocre)     Mediocre
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion          Fair    Fair      Mediocre    Great 
Arts              Good    Fair      Good        Fair
Scholastics    Mediocre   Mediocre  Fair        Good
   Essence        Good    Fair      Fair        Fair
   Authority      Good    Mediocre  Mediocre    Good