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Ka'Shari Description


Ker Nelemni na Ka'Shari are a gathering of refugees who were forced to flee their homeland in the cold south centuries ago. As their exodus, Runan Nesh'Lesai, lasted for more than a dozen decades, Ka'Shari as they usually call themselves, became sea nomads and travelled following the western Qairyorean coasts.

Living on ships, the largest of which date back to their original edenic city, Ka'Shari are organized around fleets of dozens of boats led by the descendants of the heroes who saved the survivors of the Fall. Ruled by a Guide-Spokesman designated by elders and women council, Ka'Shari could now be compared to a tribal federation.

Ka'Shari are a people proud of their traditions which they managed to save despite their tragic fate. Even if survival is a priority, scholars and mystics called Talatemke'shylni keep ancient lore and teach young generations their heritage. These strange sages also lead kinds of secret societies, Shemaini, whose members can benefit from the help of magic. Shemaini are the agents of Talatemke'shylni but their motivations and goals remain mysterious to outsiders. Shemaini members can be easily recognized by the amber stone incrusted in their foreheads.

Ka'Shari travelled for centuries following Qaiyore's western coastline. During their exile, they encountered many Qaiyorean societies for short periods. Their course can be traced back by various writings and some legends, but it seems that these nomads never settled on any land. In fact, Qaiyorean scholars must confess that they know little of this secretive and alien culture.

In recent years, on the Midsea shores, some travellers and traders began to talk about sea nomads sightings. Some related tales of impressive fleets sailing between isles; others told of strange gatherings in remote harbors or about lone ships anchored for repair.

As rumour spreads, it seems that Ka'Shari are heading towards the Straits of Anorurr and nobody can say what their intentions could be ...