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Actions in Game Year 1406

Society Name: Ka'Shari

Action 1 - Convince celtalath natives to join Ka'Shari ranks

During the year following their arrival on celtalath, Ka'Shari multiply contacts with natives fishermen. Sharing many common values, the two peoples are prone to cooperate and the poor fishermen find in Ka'Shari helpful allies. As months pass, Ka'Shari offer them to join their fleets in order to improve their fishing efforts, talatemke'shylni visit locale townships and villages to heal the sick. Once trust is well established, community leaders are invited to meet the Guide. This last's one goal is to offer protection to the natives and open Ka'Shari ranks to them. Speaking about their possible common future, he explains them that celtalathi will be freed of pirates, that they could sail on midsea with their new brothers, discover new countries, trade with foreigners and bring back riches to their families, and so on.

Determinant : Influence
task : very hard
modifiers :
+ Fishermen need protection
+ Ka'shari are daily present among fishermen and offer help
+ The two peoples shae common ways of life
+Natives are afraid of pirates

Result = Relations (-1) –2 +2 + (-1 –1 +1 +1) = -1 Complete Failure.

Suggestion: The people of celtalath consider the Ka’Shari proposal seriously, but in the end the overwhelming feeling is that the Ka’Shari way of life, the ceaseless wandering, does not suit them.

Action 2 - Develop Celtalath colony

The ships repairs in Celtalath needed building ashore. Now that that these repairs are accomplished, Ka'Shari wish to maintain this presence as a possible halt during their next travels. Sheltered by the harbor, it is a real floating city that is developing here, whereas the shores transform into an anthill where crafters cut wood, erect houses, small fortifications. Depending on the first action results, locales could provide help. In case of any danger, natives are inivited to join Ka'Shari for shelter.

Determinant : Exploitation
Task : Hard
Modifiers :
(+) natives help
+ well chosen location for an outpost.

Result (I like the description by the way) = +3 –1 +1 + (+1 –1 –1 –1) = +1 Complete Success.

Suggestion: The Ka’Shari "anthill" colony is constructed, allowing them to have a base of operations for the time being. (What’s it called?)

Action 3 - Evaluate pirate's threat

Once their outpost's construction is well advanced, scouts ships are gathered in order to spot pirates and count them. In the case of any attack, defensive tactics as planned earlier would be deployed (attracting chasing ships toward rear war ships). This action is planned in order to deploy a further effort with taltherani to get rid of these pirates.

Determinant : ?
Task : hard
+ previous gathered intelligence
+ cautious maneuvers.

Result: Scholastics (how well the navy is trained in tactics) (0) –1 +2 + (-1 0 –1 +1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion. There seem to be two different groups of freebooters. One based in Kaeir, another more stealthy operation from somewhere further east. The Kaeirian privateers are a sloppy bunch, though they are well able to look after themselves and Kaeir gives them a safe home. Ka’Shari vessels that got too close to Kaeir were chased away by a multitude of ships. The main threat from these seems to be their numbers and the fact that they have a strong base and even support from the Mayor of Kaeir. (Where do you think he gets his money from?) From a distance, Kaeir looks like the archetypal den of iniquity. On the other hand, the eastern corsairs manage to evade the Ka’Shari attempts at discovering more about them and seem to vanish in mysterious sea hazes.

Action 4 (strategic) - Design faster and maneuverable ships.

A small group of ship builders developed the idea of a new ship design highly suitable for midsea navigation. Whereas Ka'Shari d-used to sail high sea, midsea is much more quiet and should allow fast sailing. The goal of this ship building team is to experiment a new design : double hulls ! If  this ideas was to provide good results, ka'shari ships could literally fly over water and surpass any other boat ! Convinced by these sea architects visions, the guide allowed them to experiment during one year and offered them workers and resources in order to fullfill their plan.

Task : hard
modifiers :
+ Ka'Shari are born, live and die on ships

Result: There are rules with regards to innovations of this sort detailed at the FIH site: therefore, the determinant is Scholastic sophistication (+1), the task is incredibly hard (-3). Craft is fair (no effect), Ka’Shari don’t have a technological base specified, so I’ll ignore that. Scholastics diversity is fair (no effect).

= +1 –3 +1 + (-1 –1 0 0) = -3 Severe Failure.

Suggestion: The Ka’Shari shipbuilders grow despondent. Although they haven’t lost faith completely, all their trials end in failure. Perhaps they need to think more on this, and have a new strategy. The Ka’Shari leaders, who put faith and money into the venture, are now sceptical, and some consider the shipbuilders a laughing stock ( –2 to any actions that continue with this inspiration.) [Stef- have a look at the page I mentioned above to give you more info on formulating these type of actions.]

Action 5 - Send emissaries to Mirabalpur

One of the most prestigious talamtemke'shylni, Yeron'Tan, will lead an embassy as an answer to mirish sorcerors' invitation. Accompanied by four wise adepts, and protected by fifteen shemai warriors, they can't wait to learn what this letter is about.

Task : easy.

Result: Resources (-2) +1 + (+1 0 +1 0) = +1 Complete Success.

Full description sent separately only to attending societies.