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Actions in Game Year 1405

Society Name: Ka'Shari

Once the joy of the gathering festival had finally waned, the Ka'Shari returned to their daily tasks. Midsea was appearing as full of promises, and next months would certainly prove themselves full of opportunities for the sea nomads.

  As it has been decided among the leaders, once winds were favorable, fleets began to quit their harbor toward high sea. Gathered according subtle patterns, fleets were impressive as horizon was crowded by dozens of ships sailing at high speeds.

  *** Action 1 : Establish temporary colony on Celtalath Island

  According to the Guide's decision, the whole Ka'Shari fleet is heading to toward Celtalath island spotted by previous year's exploration expedition. There scouts will find a place suitable for repairs. Their goal is to find a shore where wood and fresh water are plentiful. Once, it will be done, crafters will land to build a yard where damaged ships will be repaired and new ones built.

  Contact will be established with natives fishermen in order to propose them mutual assistance (ships' repairs, fishing collaboration, healing, protection against raiders, and so on).

  If pirates were to show up, naval tactics applied during last year would be applied. In case of good opportunity, fast ships would be detached to chase them in order to spot their hideout.

  Primary Determinant : Economic Exploitation (Superb)

Secondary Determinant : Relations (Fair)

Task : Normal

Modifiers :

+/- Depending on the relations with natives

+ Ka'Shari are used to establish such outposts when needed.

 Result = +3 -0 -1 +1 + (00-+) = +3 Superb success!

The Ka'Shari settlement on Celtalath is made secure. The clans are grateful to have time to repair their fleet. The locals warn the visitors that they should pay taxes to the Mayor of Kaeir, on neighbouring Celtehar, or beware of trouble....

*** Action 2 : Embassy to Taltheran

  Once Celtalath's colony will be established. A flotilla composed of some of the finest ships will be ordered to sail toward Tal. Boarding it, emissaries, sages, mages, artists and Protectors will have to contact Taltheran authorities.Their mission is inform Taltheran that ka'Shari had landed in Celtalath in order to repair and refresh their stocks. Willing to establish good relations with their temporary neighbors, Ka'Shari will inform them that pirates were discovered in the vicinity and offer help.

On the secondary goals of this expedition is to show that Ka'Shari are not sea vagabonds and that their civilized ways are worthy. Outside diplomatic meetings, small groups will join taltheran crowd. Performing music, telling legends, bartering, they will try to obtain populace's favor.

  Primary Determinant : Relations (fair)

Secondary Determinant : Humanities sophistication

Task : Normal

Modifiers :

+ Ka'Shari come with informations that could reveal worthy for Taltheran.

(+) choosed elements that would show Ka'Shari as an impressive culture.

 Result = 0 - 0 +1 +1 + (0000) = +2 Great success!

<Being written-up by Steph & Peter>


*** Action 3 : Explore southern midsea

  Following the same goals as last year. A small fleet will be assembled in order to explore southern midsea. Accompanied by fully warranted emissaries, this new expedition will follow a route from Celtalath to Videssia by the midsea's south shore. Once in Videssia, a meeting will be organized with republican authorities. Depending on results, a suite of emissaries will stay there whereas the fleet will go again but this time following the western shore of the large island to the north. Having heard of the strange Vra'al elves, the ka'Shari would like to meet them...

Impressed by the great city's sights on a central island, the fleet will sail to investigate it and meet any local authority. Once, all this will be done, the fleet will return to Celtalath colony...

  Determinant : Resources

Task : Normal

Modifiers :

+ Same modifiers as last year

+ Joined by skilled emissaries

- wrt Videssia (hate magic users)

Result= -2 +1 +1 + (+00+) = +2 Great success!

<Being written-up by Steph, Chuck, Mike & Graham>


*** Action 4 : Spot and harass pirates

  Afraid to establish nearby a pirate nest, the Ka'Shari leaders will decide to organize an expedition composed of ten to fifteen combat ships crewed by Protectors and veteran sailors. The fleet will be led by Gayan'Tor, Unfathomable Wave Leader's son himself.

  Their goal will be to spot pirates, chase them to their hideout and possibly to destroy the ships discovered. Nonetheless, Ka'Shari will attack only if they feel superior.

  Determinant : Military Force (Good)

Modifiers :

+/- Fast Ships opposed by pirate fast ships

+/- Protectors aboard. Skilled warriors, facing skilled pirate warriors.

result = +1 -2 + (0+--) = -2 Dismal failure.

The Ka'Shari spot a number of pirate vessels and follow them back to their harbour, a whole city full of brigands, thieves and rogues! Outnumbered and surprised, the Ka'Shari flee before they are spotted.