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Actions in Game Year 1404

Society Name: Ka'Shari

During the days that followed Ka'Shari fleets entrance in midsea, leaders managed to gather the boats lost during the Anorurr Strait storms. As ships joined the fleets, damages were reported and decisions had to be made quickly.


A light breeze was blowing on the ship deck. Ishena Hy'hlor was praying for her cousin's departure. Lost in the crowd of the clan, she could not hold silent tears as the talamteke'shylni began their ancestral song of the great exile. This evening, once they would have finished, they would add the words of a life now ended. Everyone, then, looked up, eyes toward the waves where small carved funerary boats lit by torches were slowly attracted by the dark horizon. Gathered between two complexly carved masts, wake's attendants softly started their last song under the sober stance of the priests.

It was over. At last...

Tomorrow would be a new day during which Ishena would join the circle to cry for justice and retaliation...


After their arrival in the midsea waters, an Evening Wind family flotilla was attacked by pirate ships. Disorganized by their recent perilous crossing, Ka'Shari lost one boat. More than ten were killed or drowned and Ka'shari now harass their leaders for revenge. Communicating through the mysterious goddess eyes hidden in the admiral ships lower decks, family leaders and the Guide agreed to a defense plan. Leaders would rally their clans and marshal Protectors in order to reorganize the fleets and prepare for battle. Now, if pirates show up, Ka'Shari will be ready to fight and take as many lives as possible. Following this interview, the Unfathomable Wave leader gave orders to his captains. Forming fast flotillas of combat ships, they had to patrol between other family fleets. In case of a new attack, ka'shari clan ships must attract the enemy toward the combat ships who would close the trap. However taking prisoners or seizing ships would be considered a high deed. Finally, if ships were to be really in danger, Talamteke'Shylni would be asked to weave dissuasive or persuasive magic to show their might.


Action 2 : Reorganize fleets in order to defend against pirates.

Actor : The Guide

Determinant : Authority, military force (?)

Secondary determinant : Magic Diversity ?


+1 Ka'Shari are proud peoples and they consider themselves masters of the seas. Their pride is at stakes and they are motivated for battle.

+1 Ka'Shari captains know subtle naval combat tactics learned from their lineage.

Task : Normal


Result: +3 Superb success!

The Ka'Shari reorganise their fleet. Until a time this organisation is changed, they get +1 to any military conflict at sea where they defend as a group (no bonus to attacking though).


One week later, the guide convoked the council to decide fleets policy in the next months. As fleets representatives told what they had seen and lived, everybody came to the conclusion that the water they were sailing on was certainly the famous inner sea they had heard of during their travels. Many of the people attending the council were excited but elders warned them against recklessness. Ships suffered during the previous weeks and, perhaps, the time was not appropriate to allow fleets dispersion in an unknown area, especially an enclosed one. After hours of discussion, the Guide asked for silence... Everybody had spoken, and he listened to all points of views : his decision was taken. As Ka'Shari clans had probably entered one of the mightiest cradles of civilization in the world, they had to explore it and examine contact possibilities. To fulfill this task, the Guide proposed that the Night Light fleet to gather an expedition whose goal would be to map the midsea shores during the next months. Its mission would be to spot civilized areas and observe them and to discover an island that could shelter the fleets during ships repairs. In case of a contact with natives, explorers are asked for caution but not to avoid contact. Last, the exploration mission is asked to report at the autumn equinox in the bay where the ships gathered for this council. Night Light clan was eager to perform this task and its leader, Ro'Lanh, chose the best ships that were not damaged. Then he asked some of his best captains to organize the expedition. At the end of the week, the small fleet was ready and explorers bid their relatives farewell with emotion. A new world was waiting for them...


Action 1 : gather a fleet whose goal is to explore midsea shores

Actor : Night Light clan

Determinant : ???

Modifiers :

+1 The fleet sailors are chosen among the best ones as it is for their ships.

+1 The mission's instructions were well discussed and are clear for every mission member. Caution is the word : Ka'Shari don't want to lose seasoned sailors in this venture.

Task : Normal

[The fleet will follow a route toward the north, first reaching Milakanur area. Once there, after recon, they will head toward west. In case of contacts with natives, explorers will try to gather intelligence about other cultures and travel to spot them.]

Primary: Resources Poor (-2).

Result = +2 Great Success!


Besides clan councils, Talamteke'Shylni did not rest. Puzzled by the new challenge offered by midsea, they secretly organized a series of meetings with the various Shema´ni available around. Feeling that the storms raging over Anorrur Straits were not natural, mages met with scholars who then dived in their archives. According to the first conclusions, it could possible that centuries ago, emissaries from the north arrived in Ka'Shari ancient homeland. Details are scarce, but Talatemke'Shylni now fear that a connection could be made with a culture inhabiting the region and the fall of their beloved city. Willing to understand the magical influences at works around the midsea, Talatemke'Shylni agreed to organize an expedition near Anorurr Strait whose goal would be to study magical forces there and to spot its origins. In order to achieve this goal, a team of mages will join two shema´ni boats which will explore Anorrur shores. Landings will be parts of the mission and experienced were chosen to protect mages. Taking into account that this mission is quite secret, any contact with natives will be avoided.

Actions 3-4 : Study magical forces in the area

Actor : Talatemke'Shylni

Determinants : Magic Sophistication (both Essence and Authority)

Task : Hard (+1) or Very Hard (+2)

Modifiers :

+1 Double action

any other ?

Result: -1 Failure.

If there is any magic affecting the area the Ka'Shari are not aware of it.


Reprise 1404