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-status: PS
-player: Ibrahim Dughlas Gani

Society concept: Kaeir has only recently “won” its independence from Taltheran, when a conspiracy of merchant Houses and the elite Kaeirean Guard (established by the Taltherani Prince of Kaeir, from Taltherani, Kaeirean and mercenary troops) overthrew the Prince of Kaeir, and denounced the Taltherani King. The majority of Taltherani troops in Kaeir, including the pride of the Taltherani fleet, who had been stationed in Kaeir, followed the new republican spirit that had spread amongst the military ranks, swearing fealty to the new free and independent Kaeirean Republic. Kaeirean Republicanism would now be the creed of Kaeir, and royalism, as well as any partisan deviations of magicalism and clericalism, the enemy of republican liberty.

The game

Actions in the game

The society

Environment and maps
Philosophy and history
Politics, law and custom
Army and other organizations
Subsistence, economy and technology

Notes and other information
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