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Society Determinants


Society name Kaeir
Location The isles of Celtehar and Celtalath, western Midsea
Languages The farming islanders of Celtalath speak Celtalathi, a language related to Cedonese. The Kaeir citydwellers speak Kaeirian, a mixture of Celtehari (spoken by the outlying settlements on the island) and Taltherani. Many speak Trade Talk.
Scope: Small- ~30,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Conquest (of wealth) active
Subsistence Wilderness% 0 - totallly urban
Wasteland% 10(Normal) - ditto
Yield% 80 (Mediocre) - a few farms on the outskirts of the city
Urban% 100  - it's a city!


Ruling Agency
The  Mayor (a crime lord)
Key elements Celtalathian farming communities have their own local aldermen.
Internal politics
External politics In general Mediocre or Poor.


Military organization City militia. Some independent semi-military outfits.
Military values Ciiy Militia:
Size - Tiny

The Mayor can call upon most citizens to defend the city in times of need, in theory.

Economic system
Anything and everything. Tend to use Taltherani or Cedonian coinage.
Technological Base Early Metallurgic for the most part
Economic values
Trade: (Fair)           Mediocre
Craft:(Fair)             Fair
Resources:(Fair)     Fair
Wealth:(Mediocre) Mediocre
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Great     Fair           Good       Great 
Arts           Great     Great         Fair          Good
Scholastics Fair       Fair            Fair          Fair
  Essence     Fair      Fair            Poor      Mediocre
  Authority   Fair      Fair            Poor      Poor