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Society Description

The Kingdom of the River of the bird-spirit.

For thousands of years the Hria have lived a peaceful existence in the valley of the Bega River. Not knowing malice, they have developed good relationships with the other peoples along the North West coast of Qaiyore. Trade is an important part of the Hria economy, and while not wishing to gain financial strength, they have acheived some wealth by local standards. They are known for their wide variaty of herbs, spices and incense, which are their main sources of wealth, and for their exquisite pottery.

In such a harsh area as the North West of Qaiyore, the Hria have been blessed with fertile land. The Hria beleive that they were delivered to this land by J'ryl, the Bird-Spirit, and have based their society upon honouring him. The Faith is the way of the people, and unlike other devout folk, the Hria allow all with peaceful intentions to visit and trade with them.