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Actions in Game Year 1409

Society Name: Hria

Shau'ri walked into the halls of the Bega Palace. She was to report on the failures of her expeditions to the North. The Cylcones of the Wet season had been far more ferocius and had gone on far longer than expected. The caravels had only gotten to within sight of the islands, and while that may impress some in the Inner Circle, she felt less than satisfactory. As she stood at the large wooden doors, she admired the intricate engravings. Knocking, she entered, bowing before her compatriots.

"Arise, Feather Shau'ri." The young voice said. Shau'ri almost jumped out of her skin. Looking up, she saw Lolbiral. He was not expected to sit in chambers at all until his 12th birthday. Trying to hide her suprise, she walked as calmly as she could to her seat. He was not yet 10 and already he was sitting in on meetings of the Inner Council. This could only be seen as a blessing by J'ryl, and that a time of great prosperity for the Hria. Continuing his address to the group, he smiles. "So, it is willed that we shall attempt to establish a centre of higher learning for those who show potential within our lands in the next few years." Those assembled nodded their approval that one so young should take such great responsibility for his people.

Shau'ri stood, reciting the correct prayers to address an incarnation of their nation's founder, when the youth spoke up."Now, Shau'ri, there is no need to stand on ceremony on a matter of such importance. I have dreamt of your ships sialing unto the Northern Islands, and whilst some setbacks have been encountered, our ships will come unto less troubled waters once the storms have passed."

External/Strategic (2 of 3)

Type: Continue exploration of the Northern archipelago.
Actor: Sangha,
Weight: Double
Secrecy: Nil
Task: Hard
Primary determinant: Resources (people) - Good (+1)
Mods: +1 Celpali information
-1 Hria ships have never ventured north for any great distance
+1 eagerness as the Hria are major plyers of sea-borne trade in the Maripai Sea
-1 Previous failure
+1 Lolbiral has smiled upon the expedition


Result so far: +1 -1 + 1 + (+1 -1 -1 0) +2 (0 +1 +1 +1) + ( )

Going swimmingly.......


Mora hauled the last of the bundles of Te'ngk hide onto the Jallan schooner when he first saw the stranger. Dressed in white robes of a Southern, her fair skin made her stand out amongst those of the North. She was young, perhaps 16, which in Hria society was the age that a youth should have chosen their path in life. Mora was 19, and had been working as a professional sailor since 12, and had been around ships his entire life. As their eyes met, he smiled and bowed, a foreign custom he had picked up somewhere. She came over to him, standing at about neck height. In heavily accented Hri, she asked "Where does this vessel go?"

She was dressed conservatively, as most foreigners did in his eyes. He preferred how Hri women would leave their arms and sometimes their shoulders bare, how during festivals they would tattoo henna on their arms, how skirts above the knee were commonplace on both men and women.

"Ma'am, this ship goes to Myr-Kun ma'am." Noting the look of displeasure on her face, he asks "Where do you wish to go?"

"To Celpalar. Would you know of a vessel headed there?"

"Aye, the Mirapai Buani leaves in two days. It is the ship I sail with, so I shall speak with the captain to see if you wish to come. I hope you don't object to sailing with bales of Shaka and a herd of te'ngk?"

"No, not at all. I just wish to see the far away lands." she smiled

"Good. Come tomorrow, and I shall endevour to assist you." Mora returns her smile, and sets about loading the bushels of gromura as she departs.


Type: Continue trade with known clients
Actor: Merchants
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Nil
Task: Normal. Business as usual
Primary determinant: Trade - Fair 0


Result: 0 -0 + (-1 0 0 +1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: A slight downturn in trade this year as the Myr-Kun mystics stop all ships from docking in the settlement, citing health reasons, though the trade route from Bega to Areneth is becoming more established, with citizens of lands of western Qaiyore using the Hria to convey them to the "mysterious eastern realm".



Type: Improve roads throughout the land, sanitation and water supply in major centres.
Actors: Sangha, disseminated through the Mahla
Weight: Single
Secrecy Nil
Task: Normal occurance
Primary determinant: Resources - Good +1
Mods: +1 Common occurance


Result: +1 -0 +1 + (0 -1 +1 -1) = +1 Complete success.

Suggestion: The drive to improve living conditions for the people is successful. [Consent for the Sangha increases to Great (+2) for the next five years, as people welcome their initiative].