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Actions in Game Year 1408

Society Name: Hria

Shau'ri looked over the map before her on the table. It labeled the lands known to the J'ngk, and the Hria as a whole. It showed the dotted coastal villages to the north and south, the city of Myr-Kun, and further south the Twin Kingdoms. She knew that the Celpali brought news of what the land was like far past their known territories, but she was still intrigued by rumours of islands to the north. An initiate brought her a pot of tea on a metal platter. Admiring the cup which was already full, she was inspired by the wave designs breaking on the rocks. As Jaufir, her fellow Member of the Inner Circle entered, she grinned slyly.

"I believe it is time that the goodness of Lolbiral become known to others."

Seeing the glint in her eyes, Jaufir grinned, knowing that Shau'ri was making big plans.

External/Strategic (1 of 3)
Type: Explore rumours of the archipelago to the North
Actor: Sangha, Merchants?
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Nil
Task: Hard
Primary determinant: Resources (people) - Good (+1)
Mods: +1 Celpali information
-1 Hria ships have never ventured north for any great distance
+1 eagerness as the Hria are major plyers of sea-borne trade in the Maripai Sea

Result so far: +1 -1 + 1 + (+1 -1 -1 0) + ( ) + ( )

Not going so well thus far. Perhaps they're having trouble with logistics this year….


Type: Continue trade with known clients
Actor: Merchants
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Nil
Task: Normal. Business as usual
Primary determinant: Trade - Fair 0

Result: 0 -0 + (+1 0 0 +1) = +2 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Hria keep their current clientele happy. [Perhaps you could think up what exactly they trade and with whom? We can bounce back some ideas between us.]


Tanos tilled the soil of the gardens of the Shalpath Palace methodically, the way he had done since he was a youth. He enjoyed working the garden. It helped him think and at the same time cleared his mind. His old bent body was a change to the lithe forms of the young acolytes around him. Some were working hard, others were joking and just sunning themselves, but all were finding pleasure what they did. He could see a young couple sitting under the shady cover of a Shalan tree, holding hands and looking into each others eyes. Ah! To be young and in love.

One of the younger members of the Celpali entourage was strolling along the paths. He'd heard in meetings with other members of the Inners Circle of the Sangha that relations with the Celpali could not be better. They seemed very affable, and were almost certain to tell of their journeys, even if they were just Southern fairytales.

"Excuse me, Feather of J'ryl. What is that you plant?" Tanos was taken aback by the foreigner speaking in Hrian. Not only that, but he knew how address a member of the Inner Circle.

"It is gromura, a spice that your people have taken to heart." It was true. Gromura was growing popularity.

"Might I make a request that you meet with my superiors in regard to giving us a sample of this plant to take back to our homeland?" Straight to the point, a tenacious young fellow.

"We have tried many times with others, but to avail my friend. Gromura plants do not take well to long sea voyages." The young man looked dejected, upsetting Tanos. "However, I shall petition the Inner Circle, and the entire Sangha to see if we can get more of our people to grow more to meet your demand."

This pleased the young man, who took his leave and left Tanos to do what he loved most.

Type: Increase production of Gromura
Actor: Sangha
Weight Single
Secrecy: Nil
Primary Determinant: Influence
Task: Hard
Suggestions: Possible new trade routes, or a colony could be established in the islands.The masses take to the idea of growing gromura as a sign of honouring Lolbiral.
Primary Determinant: rather than influence, I'd say it was the skill of the growers, so let's go for Resources (good).
Mods: + Trade opportunity and increased demand spurs the growers on

Result: +1 -1 +1 + (+1 +1 +1 +1) = +5 Extraordinary success!

Suggestion: Growers from the eastern foothills find a new subspecies of gromura which has a faster growth cycle and grows a larger number of edible [shoots/berries/roots/seeds/bark/nuts/whatever]. The new gromura is sown throughout the kingdom, increasing yield substantially. They also discover a new fruit in the mountains which may interest the outside world.