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Society Determinants


Society name Hisaria
Location Northwestern Qaiyore
Languages Hisarian, Some people talk Cedonese
Scope: Fair - 1,000,000 People 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Conquest: Acquisition of wealth
Subsistence Wilderness %30 (Normal)
Wasteland %15 (Small)
Yield %100 (Normal)
Urban %5 (Normal)
Two large cities, Jall( the capital) and Tepe-Hisar


Ruling Agency
Emperor Ylik Tylop III , Hereditary Monarchy
Key elements The Clan Council, Formed by one Leader (noble) of each Noble Clan, Totally 4. (Actually there are only 3 members due to the tragic accident that kill all noble members of the Gytu Clan leaving them with no sucessor). In the Hisaria culture each Clan is expert in certain area, (e.x. religion, craft etc) for that reason each member in the Clan Council is an advisor to the emperor in that particular area.

Clan Malar - Strategic and goverment, represented by Jalir Malar IV in the Council (Militar Advisor)
Clan Tylop - Trade and Craft, represented by Milarua Tylop III (Emperor Sister) in the Clan Council (Economic and Trade advisor)
Clan Dertyr - Magic, represented by Iranu Dertyr I in the Clan Council (Magic and Religion Advisor)
Clan Gytu - Art and Scholastics, there is no noble alive to represent the Clan in the council (Cultural Advisor)

The Yaidi, Wife/Eternal mate to the Emperor (Emperor Ylik Tylop III has no mate,yet), the use of Magic by the Yaidi is Illegal and Prohibed by the religion.

The Kanat Isir (or Nobles), is formed by all Nobles.

Ra'isir,The High Priest of Hisaria Religion, is the contact between the Isir (the mass) and the Nobility, must report all magic use to the Religion Advisor of the Clan Council.

In Hiseria Magic is legal while is not used to harm a higher Class or the Emperor. The Current Ra'Isir is Mo'Itir

Isir, the way the mass (normal Person - not Noble) is called. the Isir is also internally formed by many Non-Noble Clans, there are actually 11 Isir Clans, the leaders of that clans report to the Ra'isir who take the matter to the Council but normally the Ra'Isir Consult with the Kanat Sir too for Pre-Consent.

Visitor and Outsiders are considered as follow : Kings, Emperors and Great Trade Partner are considened part of the Kasat Isir with no Clan affiliation. Others Visitors are Considered part of the Isir
Internal politics
Authority: Suberb (+3)
Influence: Great (+2)
Consent: Fair(0) 

The Clan Council
Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Fair (0)
Consent: Mediocre (-1)

The Yaidi
Authority: Mediocre (-1)
Influence: Mediocre (-1)
Consent: Fair (0) 

The Kanat Isir
Authority: Fair (0)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Mediocre (-1) 

Authority: Mediocre (-1)
Influence: Mediocre (-1)
Consent: Fair (0) 

Authority: Poor (-2)
Influence: Fair (0)
Consent: Great (+2)
External politics

Hria Good
Cedonia Fair
Torphan Mediocre
The Sinari Poor


Military organization Emperor's High Guard. The Primary mission of the High Guard is to Protect the Emperor and Second Protect the Clan Council's Members.

The Y'dis Guard. Primary mission is to protect the Yaidi and the Kasat Isir and Second serve as Spies.

Imperial Army. Normal Army
Military values High Guard
Force: Good (Provisional Professional Army)
Size: Mediocre

Y'dis Guard
Force: Fair (Provisional Army, part of this army is formed by Mercenaries)
Size: Mediocre

Imperial Army
Force: Good (Standing Army, used to Conquer other Countries.)
Size: Fair
Economic system
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade :           Mediocre
Craft :            Metals - Good  /  Others-Fair
Resources :    Good
Exploitation :  Fair
Wealth :         Fair
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Fair      Fair       Poor      Mediocre 
Arts          Great     Good       Fair      Good
Scholastics   Fair      Poor       Mediocre  Poor
Magic         Good      Fair       Mediocre  Mediocre