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Society Description

Traditionally Hisarians have been of slim build, standing between 5'7 and 6 foot. They are of olive or cinnamon complexion, with brown, black, or auburn hair, and brown, hazel or green eyes. Hisarian males develop facial hair from puberty, and while some shave it, others let it grow in a controlled manner. Hisarians dress conservatively in long, clothes in cream, brown, and amongst the nobility, green. In addition to this, some Hisariasn intermarried with the Cedonians during their reign, so there has been a recent broadening of features among the Hisarians.

Hisarian society is based on a class system, extending form the Imperial family, through the nobility to the masses. It is not known whether this existed in the pre-Cedonian era, but has done so since. Whilst the concept of a rigid, stratified society is alien to the Hri, they do not see it fit to make comment as no unhappiness is visible. There is also an established religion, with a set of scriptures that govern the lives of the populace. Again, it is not known whether this existed prior to the Cedonian era, but it seems to be one of the sources of the Hisarian's conservative nature.

The Shan Clan, of the port city of Jall, has been the makers of the Hri sfika, or glaive, for hundreds of years. Made by a family tradition of folding and refolding layers of hot steel is a secret, but is said to come from a kingdom 'far to the south'.