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Society Determinants


Society name Hansari
Location Hansari
Languages There are different dialects spoken among the Hansarii. The warriors use a dialect with short powerful words. No long sentences but very short three four word sentences. They also use a silent language consisting off a sign-language so they don't have to speak when close to enemies or in cases silence is important.
The common languages in the cities and towns is a dialect close to cedonian language with ancient hansarri elements. The nomadic tribes hang to the old, ancient Hansarii dialects which is a fluent language with many soft vocals (like'gh' ssgh' 'ngh') in the words. When spoken rapidly it is hard to understand for people in the cities to understand these ancient Hansarii.
The Magicians and keepers off knowledge have developed an different language. It is based upon Avaerann ancient language with influence of the Vraai and even some saran. They believe a magical tongue is needed to work with the powers of nature and the magical spheres. So the Vraai are much closer to nature then humans that's why they use some words from the Vraai.
Trade talk is known among the merchants who try to trade with other countries.
Scope:550.000 people about 1/3 nomadic 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:    Equilibrium of the borders and territory
Secondary:    conquest and development of trade routes and gathering of knowledge
Subsistence Wilderness : 30% (large Forrest and large places of unexplored terrain)
Wasteland 15% (mountains, some dessert and marshes)
Yield 95 % (the nomadic tribes never use to much of te land. Farming isn't yet very well developed)
Urban : 5% (mediocre 150.000 people in the 15 largest towns)


Ruling Agency
King Nghagarii, Queen Lanurra
Key elements The Elder. The Four Royal Advisors : the Royal cleric, the Military advisor, the Royal economist and the abdis majestalis (a religious advisor). Trenity Keepers and the Ordre of Ciba'Tin
Internal politics
The Royal Cleric; name : Twirre :He represents the common people of the Hansarii. His task is to get information
               about thedaily life in Hansarii. He has a huge network of spies, storytellers, thiefs etc who mingle among the people
               and get all the local news to Twirre. His power lays in seeking the truth behind rumours and manipulating the mass. 
               consent: fair
               influence: good: verry much influence on common people and daily life.Sometimes to miuch bussy with his network
               and to little with the results.
               authority: good; always oyal to the King and queen but fears the powers of the Elders.

The Miltary advisor; Name: Mallik con d'havienda : He is the military advisor to the King. His oly responsability is the defense of the Hansari Empire. It is his duty to keep his troops fit, supllies where they are needed and anemies in fear. He lives and dies with the Wariors Codex. consent: Great, Fanatic to his duty and his King influence: great; He has many addepts among the officers in the armies. Authority: great; His word in warfair can onlyt be overcome by a direct order from the King himself
The Royal Economist; name : Drass : Drass is the keeper of trade and wellfare in the Empire. He controls the taxcollectors, holds grip of the Treasury and all athirts forms of income and trade. It is his duty to advise the King and Queen in matters consisting money and wellfare. consent: poor ; he thin,ks not much of himself and always underestimates his knowledge influence: great ; Drass controls taxes, traderates, money. He is also the one who deciedes where money is needed (to buy food? To pay wages? To repair forticications...) authority: poor; he always advises the King or Queennever makes the decision but when he knows what to do he is verry talented and skillfull in getting the job done.
The Abdis Majestalis; Name : Maelin : The Abdis Majestalis is the highest religious leader in Hansarii Empire. He is the head of all the different religious groups. It is believed he is the incarnation of the first worldly apparition of the first God. He advises in religious matters (like festivities, building churches/temples, the rituals etc...) consent: fair : lives in peace and harmony with all creatures and beings influence: huge; Religion is verry powerfull, authority:good; always lives to get equal right and value for every religuous group.
The Elder : The Elder is a group of the oldest, most wise men in the Nomadic tribes of the Hansari. They have little influence on the daily live in the Empire but still have enormous power because it are they who deciede who will be the King of Hansarii. Only the Elder have the power to indicate who will be next King. The Elder can also at anytime call the King for an discrete talk about his decisions and laws. Mostly the King then points our his law in the directions the Elder sugested...
External politics

Cedonia : careful negotiations for opening trade routes (+1), tense bordersituation. Many people still remember the Codonian once ruled over the Hansarii and allmost wiped out the Nomadic tribes.
Hisaria : carefull plans to open negotiations for trade with Hisaria (+1) but some tensions might rise because the influences of Cedonian ruling in Hisarian life and culture.
Torphan : poor : some border incidents, Hansarii has plans for a investigationparty to search the unknown terrains in the South of the borders.
Ozolog : poor, careful : some border incidents with Olozog raiding parties who stolen some goods of trading caravans


Military organization specialized, land army, marine, cavalry, the military live by a Warrior Codex
Military values Army:
Force: Good (+1)
Size: Fair (0)

Force: Fair (0)
Size: Small (-1)
Economic system
Currency, and Barter.
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade: (Good) Good
Craft:(Good) Good
Resources:(Good) Good
Exploitation:(Great) Great
Wealth:(Good) Good
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Good 
Arts          Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Good
Scholastics   Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Good
  Essence     Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Good
  Authority   Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Good