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Society Determinants


Society name The Eerith
Location Mainly in Annaeyana in northwestern Qaiyore, and some others dispersed about Qaiyore
Languages ??? they can speak any language (sort of)
Size scope: Very Small (-3) overall, Very Tiny (-5) Free.
population: 2000 (about 40 free)
landarea square miles:???
Philosophical orientation
Primary orientation: Knowledge (Passive)
  aspect: Conviction(to their ideals - Understand Creation)
          Acquisition(Knowledge and Experience)
Subsistence ?


Ruling agency none: Every being can act according to it's purpose.
Key elements The Defenders (protect what we know)
The Searchers (find what we don't know)
The Changers (explore what exists)
The Mystics (explore what we are)
The Creators (unify all)
Internal politics
  Power (Mediocre)        value (-1) 
  Authority (Mediocre)    value (-1) 
  Consent (Superb)        value (+3) (Mystics +3 til end 1409)

  Power (Good)        value (+1) 
  Authority (Good)    value (+1) 
  Consent (Legendary) value (+4) (+3 til end 1409)
External politics
  Mir (Miserable)          Miserable (-4)

Capability and culture

Military organization Volunteer/All inclusive. All fight when necessary
Military values
Primary forces: 
  Force (Mythic)       Mythic (+5) (due to Magic)
  Size (Mediocre)      Very Small (-3)
Economic system Barter
Economic values
Resources (Fair)         value (+0) Annaeyana
Craft (Good)             value (+1) ....
Exploitation (Legendary) value (+4) They can create whatever they need
Trade (NONE)             value (-5) No-one knows about them
Wealth (Poor)            value (-2) They don't need much
Technological Base Magic
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- ---------- --------------
Religion     Terrible  Miserable  Miserable  Miserable
Arts         Good      Mediocre   Fair       Legendary
Scholastics  Great     Supurb     Legendary  Legendary
Magic        Great     Legendary  Miserable  Mythic