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Society Determinants


Society name East Torphan/ Burcancy
Location The southwestern shore of Midsea
Languages Torphani dialects. Some Trade Talk and Cedonese.
Scope: Small ~300,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation Primary: Equilibrium (To ensure the perpetuity of the society.)
Secondary PO: Conquest (Acquisition: increase wealth and power through trade or conquest.)
Subsistence Wilderness% 40 (Big) - woodlands
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some marshland
Yield% 120 (Good) -  fertile land
Urban% 2 (Normal) - a few large cities


Ruling Agency
The King, The Parliament of Lords
Key elements The Ophier, The Duke of Unster, Queen Felicia
Internal politics

King VillardPower: Superb
Authority: Great
Consent: Great
Relations: Great

The Ophier (Elected Head of the Brotherhood in Burcany)
Power: Superb
Authority: Great
Consent: Great
Relations: Fair

The Parliament of Lords
Power: Fair
Authority: Good
Consent: Fair
Relations: Good

The Brotherhood
Power: Great
Authority: Good
Consent: Good
Relations: Mediocre

External politics Parglug: Mediocre
Torphan Empire: Miserable
Videssia: Fair
Mir: Good
Others TBD


Military organization TBD
Military values Military Size: Fair
Military Force: Good +1
Economic system
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values

Resources: Good

Exports: Coal, Iron, Timber (including Bogawood excellent for bows, especially the Burcan Longbow), Beer, Tallow, Honey

Imports: Gold, Gems, Spices, Dyes, Silks, Pottery, Incense
(Anything not listed in the above two categories is considered in sufficient supply for domestic use only.)

Exploitation: Good

Trade: Good

Wealth: Good

                    Tolerance   Prevalence   Diversity   Sophistication
Religion       Fair            Fair              Terrible      Good
Arts            Good         Good            Good          Good
Scholastics  Good         Fair              Good           Great
Magic          Good        Terrible         Great          Superb