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Actions in Game Year 1414

Society Name: East Torphan


Action 1

After his successful negotiations with Mir, the head of the Brotherhood in Burcany is sent to Parmouth in an attempt to broker political good will with the Parglug. The goal is to ensure peace between the two countries, and as such gain safe passage through the blockade zone for trade with Orasaren.

Type: External, Tactical:Diplomatic
Actor: The Ophier
Weight: Single
Secrecy: On the Action not Result.
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + the Ophier has successfully negotiated in Mir
+ Burcany seriously wishes good relations with Parglug, and will consider sharing some of the profits in the free cities trade while the blockade/war with Videssia continues.


Result: 0 +2 + (+1 -1 +1 +1)= +4 Extraordinary Success

Suggestion: [Work out with Parglug.]


Action 2 (1 of 2 years)

According to the treaty made between Mir and Burcany in 1413, Burcany must assist in combating Alatta. At the request of the Archmage of Mir, the Brotherhood in Burcany is sending 300 mages, adept in the craft, to Celamyr to assist the Mirish mages in finding artifacts.

Type: External/Strategic:Discovery
Actor: Burcan Mages
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Yes (The walls have ears)
Task: Hard
Modifiers: + the mages sent are masters in their art.
+ the mages are supportive of the endeavor because it was the Archmage and the Ophier who finalized the treaty, and they feel the action may support the Brotherhood's position in Burcany's political life.
+ The Burcan mages may learn something new from working with their Mirish counterparts.
- Too many cooks may spoil the broth?


Result: -1 +2 + (+1 -1 0 +1)= +2 Complete Success

Suggestion: + to Mir action.