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Society Determinants


Society name Damaris
Location Western side of the isle of Orasaren, southern Midsea
Languages Orasareni dialect of Cormenench is most prevalent, but other dialects exist. There are two different alphabets. One is ancient, dating from the days of Avaerea. It is only by people the scholars. The other alphabet is used by the half of the population that can read.
Size Mediocre: about a 100,000, though about a quarter of those are only officially part of Damaris; they live in smaller comunities in the valleys to the east, and many consider themselves completely independent (and they are, for now). The actual city proper contains about 15,000 people.
Philosophical Orientation Primary Orientation: Equilibrium - Stagnation into shallow decadence and Prevention of change in the status quo.

Secondary Orientation: Conquest - Acquistion of wealth and Revolution against the status quo.

Subsistence Wilderness% 40 (Big) - large forests and mountains to the east.
Wasteland% 40 (Big) - mountains to the east
Yield% 120 (Good) - fertile land
Urban% 20 (Very Big) - Damaris is an oversized town


Ruling Agency
The Council of Scholars
Key elements The Council of Scholars: government power, The Crystal Barons: economic power, The Town Guard: military and Judicial power, The Underground: social power
Internal politics

The Council of Scholars
Authority: Great
Influence: Fair
Consent: Fair

The Crystal Barons
Authority: Fair
Influence: Great
Consent: Fair

The Town Guard
Authority: Good
Influence: Good
Consent: Poor

The Underground
Authority: Poor
Influence: Fair
Consent: Good

External politics Videssia: Good
Vraa'al: Miserable
The rest of Orasaren: Great
Any culture of magic users: Poor
Any culture of non-humans: Poor


Military organization The town guard, a disorganised 'police' are the main standing army. Many of the larger Crystal Barons have hired their own large forces to protect their mines and the populace would likely join in a fight if it were on their own soil.
Military values Primary: Town Guard
Force: Mediocre
Size: Poor

Secondary: Crystal Baron Groups
Force: Good
Size: Terible

Secondary: Populace
Force: Poor
Size: Good

Economic system
 Money based on small copper 'bits' 
Technological Base Metallurgy
Economic values
Craft: Fair 
Resources: Good
Exploitation: Great
Trade: Great
Wealth: Great 
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion     Terible   Mediocre   Good      Good
Arts         Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Fair 
Scholastics  Great     Fair       Mediocre  Superb 
  Essence    Terible   Poor       Fair      Poor  
  Authority  Miserable Terible    Poor      Fair