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Orasareni Religion

On Orasaren, religion is an ancient thing, steeped in mystic rituals that sometimes have lost their meaning. There is a well established priesthood, following the teachings of Lord Sea, the One, given to the mortals by Marius, the Martyr. Almost everyone attend the rituals and make regular offerings in the numerous temples that dot the island. In addition, the Orasareni people are superstitious, setting great value upon amulets and the like.

The priesthood of the Lord of Sea has a lot of influence in Orasareni politics. It is very rich, mainly from all the offerings from faithful adherents. Corruption is abundant, and abuse of power is common. Most people follow the lord of Sea, but have little faith in the priesthood. It is said that only the worst sinners are reborn as priests. Some monastic orders critize the priesthood for their immoral ways, but their voice remains largely unheard, however.

It was in the year of 663 that Marius the prophet stepped out of the sea. He talked to the people about the New Promise, how the Lord of Sea had decided to redeem those who followed him. Initially, he was met with scorn and ridicule. Embitterned, Marius retreated into the wilderness together with his few followers. In the following years, Marius travelled around the countryside performing miracles and propagating a war upon those who opposed him. He was very successful, and was in a few years leader of an army of fanatical followers.

Marius and his army started a campaign of conquest. Most cities surrendered without bloodshed, but some resisted and had to be taken with force. Those cities were often burned and all their citizens drowned. After a few years, Cormenaera, the last city fell to Marius. It is said that the people of the city was spared, as they rebelled and deposed their leaders.

After seeing his work completed, Marius promptly went to the sea and drowned himself, wishing to meet up with his Lord. The new faith survived his death, and a priesthood emerged, claiming monopoly on the teachings of Marius. The situation has remained relatively constant ever since.

The Lord of Sea is most commonly portrayed as a huge dolphin wearing a golden crown on his brow. Water is his realm, but it was he who created the land that now floats all over the infinite sea. When a follower of Lord Sea dies, his remains are burned and put into the sea. It is believed that the dead come to the court of Lord Sea. They dwell there for some time, gradually forgetting their former lives. Some are allowed to stay, but most have to live again, reborn to learn. To be buried in the ground is considered a terrible thing. The spirit of the deceased is trapped to the place forever. Water is crucial in the many rituals. All the Lord’s temples have a pool of water in which offerings are put. These offerings are then considered the property of the temple.