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Society Determinants


Society name  The Cormenaeran Confederacy
Location  Western side of the isle of Orasaren, southern Midsea
Languages  Orasareni dialect of Cormenench is most prevalent, but other dialects exist. Many people are able to.speak trade talk as well.
There are two different alphabets. One is ancient, perhaps dating from the days of Avaerea. It is not used by common people. The other alphabet is popular, and most people can read it.
Size  Mediocre, about one million
Philosophical Orientation  Primary: Conquest - Acquisition of wealth and power by conquest and trade
Secondary: Knowledge/thought - Tradition of intellectual and artistic pursuits
Subsistence Wilderness% 40 (Big) - large forests, especially in the south
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some marshland
Yield% 120 (Good) - fertile land
Urban% 10 (Big) - a few large cities


Ruling Agency  The minister of Action in the Grand Council, currently the widow Ashanishade
Key elements  The minister of Action - The leader in the Grand council

The Mislederis faction - A group of members in the Grand council, currently out of favor

The Black coats - A group of members in the Grand Council, currently in favour

The voice of the people - A small communist group, inciting civil unrest

The free companies - The number of mercenaries on the prowl throughout the land

The enigmatic and esoteric order of enchanters - A secret society with high connections

The university and scholars - The learned people of the land, some with radical ideas

The temple of Lord Sea - The corrupt representatives of the ancient religion

The Anecir people - The suppressed people of the city of Anecir

The Ascetic orders - Several clerical orders pursuing higher moral values and  trying to reform the corrupt temple of Lord Sea

Internal politics  The chair of Action
Consent - Fair
Influence - Good
Authority - Fair

The Mislederis Faction
Consent - Fair 
Influence - Mediocre
Authority - Fair

The Black coats
Consent - Fair
Influence - Fair
Authority - Mediocre

The voice of the people
Consent - Poor 
Influence - Good
Authority - Poor

The free companies
Consent - Poor
Influence - Fair
Authority - Fair

The enigmatic and esoteric order of enchanters
Consent - Great
Influence - Fair
Authority - Mediocre

University and scholars
Consent - Mediocre
Influence - Fair
Authority - Fair

Temple of Sea lord
Consent - Fair
Influence - Mediocre
Authority - Good

The people of Anecir 
Consent - Mediocre
Influence - Fair
Authority - Mediocre

The ascetic orders
Consent - Mediocre
Influence - Mediocre
Authority - Mediocre

External politics  Relations details


Military organization  Each city has a standing mercenary force, and hires more as needed. War is considered a profession like any else, and soldiers have little or no loyalty to their employer.
The Cormenaeran galleys are much reknowned for their excellence and discipline.
Conscripts are only used in dire need, as they are not trained for war.
Military values Primary: Various mercenary forces
Force: Good (Great on the sea)
Size: Mediocre (divided in small groups)

Secondary: conscripts and free companies
Force: Fair (as long as the goal is in sight)
Size: Fair (many small groups)

Economic system  Monetary system with golden griffons and silver eagles
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values  Crafts: Fair 
  Agricultural: Fair
  Engineering: Good (Great architecture)
  War: Fair
  Magic: Mediocre

Resources: Good
Exploitation: Fair
Trade: Good (The overseas trade is mostly in luxury goods and slaves)
Wealth: Good
Cormenaera has an enclave of glassblowers that makes good glasswares
Some of the most spectacular architectural achievments in Qayiore are situated in the free cities

Humanities  Humanities  Tolerance   Prevalence   Diversity   Sophistication
                    ---------   ----------    ---------   --------------
Religion          Fair         Great             Fair         Good 
Arts               Good       Good            Good        Great
Scholastics   Mediocre   Good             Good        Good
Magic             Poor     Miserable      Mediocre   Mediocre