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Actions in Game Year 1411

Society Name: Cormenaera


Action 1- The Orasareni Defense Alliance conference in Cormenaera

Cormenaera calls for the ODA to hold a conference and discuss current events. The results are yet to be determined together with Mike. Result: Yet to be decided. In any case, Anduin and Damaris are hostile to Cormenaera. As well, a representative from Rhudyn, the most powerful city on the Rhudyn peninsula arrives asking for aid against Aiexylsybani aggression. [Videssian response? I'm think you sent one to me previously but I can't find it at the moment]


Action 2- Army buildup in Rhudyn

The Aixelsydan aggression as well as fear of repercussions from the Tana makes it necessary to fortify the Rhydun defenses. Most of the mercenary army, as well as auxiliary forces hired from other cities is transferred to the eastern part of Rhudyn. Most of it is stationed on the southern border, as repercussions from the Tana are thought (perhaps wrongly) to be more likely than further aggressions from the Aixelsydan primitives.

Primary: Military force: Fair (+0)
Task: Easy (+1) This is no invasion, only a displacement of forces on friendly territory
Mods: - Failure in action 3


Result: 1 +0 -1 + (-1 +1 0 0)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: Cormenaera successfully reinforces the southern cities, but is unable to halt the capture of the northern ones. As well, Tana ships interfere with supplying the expeditionary force.


Action 3- Patrolling the eastern seas Prompted by the rest of the ODA, Cormenaera has to partake in the war effort.

The Cormenaeran navy will patrol the sea east of Orasaren, attacking and harassing those enemy forces encountered (especially Tana forces). This is not an effort to destroy the Tana navy, but an effort to prevent the Tana navy to make raids and hamper their trade. All ships encountered that are headed for the Tana or Parglug will be forced to return or be sunk. The goal is to isolate these countries from overseas trade. This will probably result in some bad relations, which is regrettable but unavoidable.

Primary: Military force - great on the sea (+2)
Task: Normal (0)
Mods: -1 The operation is huge, and the patrolling ships can't be everywhere at once
-1 The DragonTowers of the Tana makes it possible to scrye some of the naval actions


Result: 0 +2 -2 + (+1 -1 0 -1)= -1 Failure

Suggestion: The patrolling ships are ineffective and several are sunk by Parglug and Tana raiders. As well, the unchecked hostile naval forces interfere with Actions 2 and 5.


Action 4- Naval Buildup (first year of five)

The navy has to be larger in these violent times, so several new ships are commissioned from the wharves, and new shipcrews trained. This is expensive and time consuming, it is estimated that it will take at least five years to accomplish. There is a lot of talk in Cormenaera about this endeavor, which is supported by most factions.

Primary: Resources: Good (+1)
Task: Normal (+0) over five years
Mods: +1 Action supported by most factions, it is now a matter of national pride.


Result: 0 +1 +1 + (-1 -1 0 0) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) On the balance.


Action 5- Aid to Videssia (extra action)

Videssia is an important trade partner as well as member of the ODA. Cormenaera wants to insure that the good trade is not disturbed, so substantial aid is given in the form of money, equipment and whatever may be needed to keep the trade going.

Primary: Ashanishade, Minister of Action, influence (+1)
Task: Normal (+0)
Mods: -1 Extra action
- Interference from Parglug ships


Result: 0 +1 -2 + (0 -1 +1 +1)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: Some aid does get through, but enemy ships sink many of the trading ships.