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Actions in Game Year 1409

Society Name: Cormenaera

Action 1: Reply  (to Videssian Action)

After some debate in the Grand Council, an answer is given, signed by all members of the Grand Council. The debate was held behind locked doors, but rumours claim that there were some dissent in the council.

"We, the august and wise members of the grand Council of Cormenaera have pondered your request. It has become known that some may fear that the spirit of the Orasareni Defence Alliance is not followed. Some may even fear that the Alliance may be torn apart by open conflict.

We of the Grand Council wish to strongly deny these suspicions. The change of rule in Anecir last year is of benefit to us, that cannot be denied. Some blood was unavoidably shed. But now is the time for peace, and let the current rulers of Anecir build their city, renew alliances and commence trade. Those forces of Cormenaeran origin that still reside in Anecir are no longer needed, and will withdraw promptly. We are confident that the current rulers have no more need of outside help, and can hold up law and order by themselves.

The city of Anaduan may benefit greatly from this new friendship and partnership in trade. What profit that was lost last year, may be regained tenfold this year. Likewise, the city of Cormenaera will not object to the Videssian military buildup, as long as it is for the express benefit of the Orasareni Defence Alliance.

We cannot emphasize enough the fact that Cormenaera, never ever will initiate war against another member of the Orasareni Defence Alliance. We all abide the laws of the alliance, and will gladly smite the aggressor. We, the august and wise members of the Grand Council of Cormenaera solemny swear to follow the rules of the Orasareni Defence alliance."


Result - sent to Videssia as reply to their Action 1


Action 3:

Primary: Military force good (+1)
Task: Hard(-)
-1: The free companies are very mobile, and avoids open conflict
+1: The land will be patrolled for the whole year
+1: The free companies might as well find easy pickings elsewhere

The free companies in the Cormenaeran countryside is an eternal thorn in the side of the Grand Council. To show some initiative, Ashanishade, Minister of Action decides to make an all out campaign to make the countryside safe. Cormenaeran soldiers march around the country: patrolling, searching and fighting those bandits foolish enough to resist.

The Action is presented as a great campaign to give glory to the people, and prosperity to the land. One notable side effect is that the other cities are watching. Should the campaign be successful, it will be known to all that Cormenaera has a great army.


Result: +1 -1 +1 + (+1 -1 -1 +1) = +1 Complete success.

The Cormenaeran countryside is cleansed, at least temporarily, of any obvious signs of free company presence. All Orasaren is now aware of Cormenaera's resolve to stamp out piracy and banditry, and it's ability to carry out its' aims.

Results for Actions 2 and 4 sent to Ralf seperately.

Reprise: 1409