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Society Determinants


Society name Celpalar
Location Isle of Celpalar and small outposts on the Isle of Golaren, northeastern Qaiyore.
Languages Ibalan. Also some Trade Talk and Ancient Avaeran.
Scope: Small to Medium--65,000 sq. miles, 600,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   War (Protecting the Isle of Celpalar)
           Strong armed forces
           Self dependant for basic necessities
           Intelligence about possible threats

Secondary: Accumulation of wealth (contributes to strength of state)
           Trade of goods and raw materials for precious metals
           and other items and knowledge of value
           Exploration for new resources 
Subsistence Wilderness% 20 (Normal) - although much is still rainforest, a substantial amount has been farmed
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some swamps
Yield% 150 (Great) - very fertile land
Urban% 10 (Big) - the original colonies are large cities


Ruling Agency
The Ephors--5 officials elected by the assembly and given near absolute control over
the goverment
Key elements Kings: 2 kings, one representing the ruling families of the two colonies.
Their control is limited to the military and functions as high priests.

The Council--Comprised of the kings and 28 elders, serving as the highest
court in criminal matters and drafting legislation for the Assembly.

The Assembly--nominally composed of all citizens, generally includes representatives
from each province. Pass all laws, elect all officials except the kings.
Internal politics
Ephors:   	Consent-Fair

Assembly:       Consent-Good

Council:        Consent-Fair

Bar-ri:          Consent-Mediocre
 		(military Great, religious Fair,social Terrible)
 		(military Good, religious Good, social Terrible)
		 (military Great, religious Fair, social Terrible) 
Rey-a-man:       Consent-Poor
 		(military Great, religious Fair,social Terrible)
 		(military Good, religious Good, social Terrible)
                Authority-Mediocre  (Poor til end 1409) 
		 (military Great, religious Fair, social Terrible) 
External politics Relations details


Military organization Standing army and navy, entire population trained as militia.
Military values Standing professional army:


naval reserve [converted merchant marine]:
Economic system
Domestic coins made of copper in varying denominations, their 
value set and backed by the assembly.
Coins used by merchants for trade made of gold and silver.
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade: (Good)        Good
Craft:(Good)         Good
Resources:(Good)     Good
Exploitation:(Good)  Good
Wealth:(Good)        Good
Celpalar is self sufficient in agriculture, building materials, 
and basic raw materials. Their blacksmiths, weavers, and other
artisans are highly technically proficient; 
turning out sturdy, high-quality goods but not much of artistic
or aesthetic value.  
The diversity of flora and fauna harvested and transplanted from
the rainforests of Golaren
yields ingredients for a strong alchemical/pharmecutical industry.  
Main exports are food products,exotic fauna, and high quality 
metalwork and fabrics. 
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Fair      Fair       Poor      Poor 
Arts          Poor      Poor       Fair      Fair
Scholastics   Fair      Fair       Good      Great
  Essence     Fair      Fair       Good      Great
  Authority   Fair      Mediocre   Good      Good
Religion is mostly a matter of ritual.  The arts are mainly the
interest of a few merchant families and practised within their 
circles.Society generally favors function over form in the goods
the produce and use. The city of Areneth is the home of most of 
Celpalar's artists as well as it's scholars (the University), 
Wizard's College, and serves as the center of trade.