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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name: Celpalar

Action I
Set up new colonies. cf L'R actions for 1417
Time: Year 3 of 3
Type: Strategic, Internal & External
Description: Benefiting from the good locations found Celpalar and the Laria'rathi build new colonies (at least 2), on favorable islands off the Quaiyore coast, including one with ruins on it.
Task: Normal (Hard -1)
Secrecy: None, we indeed advert to have more colonist. We only hide L'R influence to the rest of the world.
Prime determinant: Ressources: Good
Secondary Determinant: Consent of the Council (Meltolyn): Great
Weight: Simple
Modifs (all rolled for): Good site found (+ 1) or more L'Rs help (rolled in 1416) +1

Results so far +1 -1 +3 (+1 -1 +1 -1) + ( 0 0 0 -1) + (0 -1 0 +1 ) = +3 Complete Success
Suggestion: It is finished with no problems.

Action II
Title: Global free trade !
Type: External; Strategic.
Time: Year 1 of 4
Task: Mythic (-4)
Secrecy: We proclam !
Risk: Utmost.
Prime Determinant: Trade: Great (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Wealth: Great (+2)
Modifs: Complete implication of Laria'rathi empire who is refunding us as much as needed. +1
Trade base in Midsea (Burcancy) buid last year: +1
Improved relations with many local countries including Mir: + 1
Most important: The War. How much ??? GM's choice.
Description: Celpalar with the help of Laria'rathis and the Burcancy offers a completly free transportation system to all denizens of MidSea, whether for persons or goods. Yes. Free. We will carry all your stuff for free. This the way we are gonna win this war: no more reason to don't send your guys: the ticket is free !
The first step is set for 5 years. All those will be free, afterwards, the war should be won, and a very small fee may be reintroduced. So now on , dear fellow players, you can put into your actions that all transportation is free. More: if you fear unemployement, we agree to buy the ships you don't need anymore.
So, let's meet in the Sinari battle...

-4 +2 +4 ( -1 -1 0 -1) + () +() +()
Suggestion: To the horror of the Celpalar. The Taltherans apon resiving this news also instintute a free trade. Could this turn into a trade war?

Action III (and IV)
Title: Backstabing bad guys.
Task: Hard (-1)
Type: External. Military. Tactical.
Extra action: +1
Prime determinant: Army quality: Superb (+3)
Secondary Quality: Navy quality: Great (+2) I don't count it (navy is busy trading for free...)
Modifs: Surprise (+1)
We use all our magic (great) not on battlefield but to insure the secrecy of our coming.
-1 Half the Sinari army still in Wyr.
Description: Having let doubts come on our participation to the Western Defensive Army, we jump in the back of the Sinaris. That's one of the nice thing you can do when you are a naval power... So, when the Sinaris go on attacking the Cedonians-Mir, King Bar-ri lands just behind them; and the long line of men walks like a huge scythe. Our army is heavy infantry with long, long spears... and if I studied well the area it's quite flat... So for a phalanx, it's nice. As soon as our battle line is set, we walk till we join our allies and we kill all that's stands between us... They should be caught between the Cedonian anvil and the Celpalar hammer. Let's the Gods witness the battle !

-1 +3 +1 -1 (-1 0 +1 -1) +1 = +2 Success
The Celpalar lands on the west coast of Qaiyore. Before the yea ends they make it almost to the ruins of Wyr. So far the Sinari have not as of yet discovered them. (The only way you can behind them is along the west coast of Qaiyore and from their to the battle is a two year march at least.)

Action V.
Title: Religious symposium. Common points in Celpalar Maker's religion and Laria'rathi Kelren'aie religion.
Task: Very hard (-2)
Prime Det.: Religious sophistication: good (+1)
Second deter: Religious diversity: poor (-1)
Time sched: 2 years.
Modifs: L'R will very gladly help !!! (+1/+2 ?)
Extra action: -1.

-2 +1 +1 (0 +1 -1 0) -1 = -1 Failure