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Actions in the Game Year 1417

Society Name: Celpalar

Action 1 (&2) Expand trade.

Type: Strategic, external
Description: This action aims at making trade with the Laria'Rathis a global matter: I want to sell their goods and products all over the world and import for them all they might need. Final goal is a large increase of my trade.
Actors: Commercial navy (size: great) and traders all over Quaiyore.
Task: Hard
Secrecy: Real origin of the goods sold and real destination of those bought. We say they are from and for our new colonies on Golaren and on the islands.
Basic Determinant: Trade Great (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Trade with L'R (+2 rolled for last year). I want to translate this determinant into my global trade determianant ( a +1 would be enough). Also secondary philosophical orientation: Trade ( I can give up this one if you wish or substitute it if need be...)
Weight: Double (+1)
According to my own new policy I renounce giving myself pluses out of nowhere. (like +1: L'Rs want stuff or +1 whole new stuff to sell or the suberb trading house we have in Tol Naur, built last year) Obviously I won't give myself minuses either. (Maybe I will if some is called for by the rules or dices)

Results -1 +2 (-1 +1 +1 +1) +1 = +5 Complete Success

Suggestion: Trade is successful and everyone profits. +1 to trade and wealth for the next 5 years.

Action 3. Set up new colonies. cf L'R actions for 1417
Time: Year 1 of 3

Type: Strategic, Internal & External
Description: Benefiting from the good locations found last year, Celpalar and the Laria'rathi build new colonies (at least 2), on favorable islands off the Quaiyore coast, including one with ruins on it.
Task: Normal (Hard -1)
Secrecy: None, we indeed advert to have more colonist. We only hide L'R influence to the rest of the world.
Prime determinant: Ressources: Good
Secondary Determinant: Consent of the Council (Meltolyn): Great
Weight: Simple
Modifs (all rolled for): Good site found (+ 1) or more
L'Rs help (rolled in 1416) +1
That's all I can figure out by now...

Results so far +1 -1 +3 (+1 -1 +1 -1) + () + ()

Action 4. Build the School of Magic. cf L'R actions for 1417.

Type: Strategic, Internal
Description: Build a common school of magic, near Tol Naur, on Golaren island.
Task: Hard
Secrecy: To foreigners.
Primary determinant: Ressources: Good. I disagree with my good friend Nathan on this one: he's taking the Prime det. from a political leader, i also can say it's an order of the ephors and get a +2 from it. But i think that giving the order and bulding the school is not the same thing: one is political while the other is technical. I assume the political side is ok, since it was in our treaty last year; So i focus on the technical part. Obviously it's harder for me this way, but it seems righter. It is not because a leader is a god-king that his fellows are able builders. If it was so, democracies (weak leadership) would never have defeated dictatorships...
Secondary determinant: Magic Prevalence Fair (+0) (more honest than sophistication, unless you are building the school with magic forces) I also disagree that religion should be used here as a determinant, whatever religious the L'R may be.
Modifiers: + 1 L'R help

+1 -2 +1 (0 -1 0 +1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: It is built but they don't get as much out of it as they wanted

Action 5.

Type: External diplomatic
Description: Better the relations with the Taltherani. We use trade as a way of getting politically closer, as u said traders are the same the world around.
Task: Normal
Actor: A experienced diplomat, Chrysostomos, of the Apella. All the traders dealing with Taltheran.
Secrecy: None
Weight: Extra action (-1)
Primary Determinant: Influence of the Apella: Good (+1)
Secondary Determinant: Trade relations with Taltheran: good:+1
Modifs: According to my rule I won't set my modifiers but stick to the game: what about the Cedonian ressurgence and the Ennemy threat: are those two giving my friendship openings any more weight ?

Results: +1 0 +1 (+1 -1 0 0) = +2 Success

Suggestion: relations improve by a +1.