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Actions in the Game Year 1416

Society Name: Celpalar

Action: I & II
Weight: Double
Type: Strategic, Internal & External
Title: Treaty of Peace, Friendship & Alliance with the Laria'rathis
Description: See my text, for the content of the treaty.
Task: Mythic: - 4 (I don't mean the treaty, but the full cooperation between the 2 people, and the harder the task, the better it is if I succeed.) The first true alliance of 2 different races. (Vary Hard-2) Secrecy: Only disclozed to Celpalar citizens. Foreigners are to be shun on this matter. See action III.
Actors: Ephor Chiron, then king Bar-ri and the citizens of Arenath.
Basic determinant: Ephor Authority to impose the Treaty: Great: +2 (it's unique that ephors go on an external action) (+1 because its not the kings)
++ Great advantege.
+ L'R want this treaty as well
- Not Human
- Secresy

Results -2 +1 +3 -2 (-1 +1 -1 +1) +1 = +1 Success

Suggestion: The treaty is signed, and relations start of well. Relations start at Political +1, Trade +2, Cultural 0

Action III
Title: Ensure secrecy of L'R existence.
Type: tactical, internal.
Weight: simple
Description: Celpali militia remove all the foreigners from Arenath for one day. Thus ensuring the secrecy of the visit of margrave Aerenth. Then ensure the secrecy of the existence of a Lari'rathi state on Golaren.
Difficulty: Hard (-1) Foreigners are many.
Prime Determinant: Size of militia: great: (+2)
+ L'R are a secretive people
+ Cultural Determint
+ No harm come to people
-- a lot of people know
- Mir knows

Results-1 +2 +3 -3 (+1 0 -1 +1) = +2 Complet Success

Suggestion: Save for Mir the existence of the L'R is safe kept secret. Celpalar even resives word from Mir that they will tell know one of the existence of the L'R with out the L'R's permission. As for the traders. They supect nothing and just shrug their shoulders and say what ever.

Action: IV.
Title: Select locations for colonial settlements
Weight: single.
Type: Tactical, external.
Description: By reviewing previous explorations (years 1405-1410), and launching reconaissances, the Celpali admiralty selects the best spots for settling nex colonies. It is a cooperative mission with the Laris'rathi.
Task: Hard (-1) I want good spots !
Primary determinant: Size of Navy: Great: (+2)
+ L'Rs help
+ Previous explorations
- Humans and non humans might not get along

Resulats -1 +2 +2 -1 (0 0 +1 -1) = +2 Complet Success

Sugestion: A good location is found

Actions V. Extra action n1
Type: External, tactical
Weight: single. Extra: -1.
Title: extensive recognition of razanian, arysian coast.
Descrition: The Celpali navy under its basic cover of a commercial fleet explores in a very detailled fashion the razaninan coast. They locate all harbours, fishing places, commercial lanes and take detailled information on razanian anf ariysin ships navigating.
Secrecy: Result. They see the ships but as we don't stop any of them.
Difficulty: Normal
prime determinant: Size of Navy: Great(+2)
+ Neutral ships
- Some ships looking for location of good Island.

Results 0 +2 +1 -1 (0 0 -1 -1) -1 = -1 Faliure

Suggestion: The Ayrsia cought the ships in a hidden alcove and thinking they were smuglers captured all but one ship which the returned to Celpalar. They had been alby to save most the maps but not all of them.