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Actions in Game Year 1409

Society Name: Celpalar

Action 1

Strategic, internal (year 2 of 4)
Type: Develop/invest Actor: Kings
Upgrading of military
Weight: single
Primary Determinant: Scholastics? (expertise in war&strategy)
Task: Hard? (already fine force, massive undertaking)
Secondary: Urgency of coming threat/conflict, philosophical leanings of society
Reaction: Heroic

An all out attempt to upgrade the quality of Celpalar's armed forces. Digging through the archives and papers of legendary military leaders, reviewing past conflicts, and analyzing what is known of the way others in Qaiyore wage war to develop organization and tactics. Systematic activation of all citizens for retraining and physical conditioning, wargames between the standing army and navy and the reserve units, overhaul of equipment, and intense training of standing forces. Refit of vessels, including merchant marine ships (may adversely affect trade).


If this is aimed at increasing the determinant, then the task is Huge in one year! If you're definng the Resource determinant wrt military skill then 1 year is OK. I assumed the latter..?

Result: +2 -1 +1 + (+1 -1 +1 -1) = +2 Complete success.

Suggestion: The trawl through the archives bears some fruit. The Kings' strategists are better versed in military tactics than before though the knowledge will be useless and forgotten unless appplied in the near future. [Resources (Military Skill subdeterminant) at Great (+2) BUT only til end of 1411 unless utilised)


Action 2

Strategic, internal (year 2 of 4)
Type: Develop/ invest Actor: Mel-tol
Improving magic
Weight: Single
Primary determinant: Scholastics? (research and study)
Task: Very hard?
Secondary: Relations (gaining knowledge from other nations), Magic, Urgency, return of mages and scholars from Annaetana expedition
Reaction: Risky (when dealing with the unknown....)

The mages attempt to recreate some of the lost magics of old using historic accounts and diaries from wizards of the past. Also exploartion of new spells and theories is intensified. A definite boost would come from translation of any of the works from the wizard tower.


Result so far: +2 -2 +2 + (-1 -1 0 -1) + (-1 -1 +1 0) + ( ) + ( )


 Action 3

Strategic, external (year 1 of 2)
Type: Observation/diplomatic Actor: Mel-tol
Expedition to Avaerean isles
Weight: Single
Primary determinant: Resources
Task: Hard
Secondary: Map and journals of wizard from pre-invasion Celpalar
Reaction: Heroic

Admiral Kattor, diplomat Yannir, and scholar Pinnol lead a small flotilla into the heart of the former Avaerean lands in search of knowledge of and allies against Alatta.


Result so far: +1 -1 +1 + (+1 0 -1 -1) + ( )


Action 4

Tactical external
Type: Negotiations Actor: Mel-tol
Mission to Ka'Shari
Weight: Single
Primary determinant: Relations
Task: Normal
Reaction: Normal

A diplomatic team is sent to the Ka'Shari to seek their assistance in upgrading the tactics, training, and ships of the navy.


Extra mod: -1 Massacre of Ka'Shari shipwrights in Videss earlier this year

Result: -1 +0 -1 + (0 +1 0 +1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: The Ka'Shari on Celtalath welcome the Celpali mission and agree to assist in the naval upgrade, but they will not travel to Areneth next year unless they get guarantees of security. They also want payment based on the ceding of territory on Celpalar to use as a Ka'Shari base (secondary to Celtalath).