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Actions in Game Year 1407

Society Name: Celpalar

"Well, Kattor, I wish you well. I don't know what to think of those wizards. They seem very much like the bunch at Mir. But different somehow. Do you think they'll be very forthcoming?"

"They are our best hope, Yannir. They have the best knowledge of magic in the region. And I'll bet they know more about that city flying around in circles in the desert than anyone, possibly excepting the Saraa. Maybe I can communicate the urgency we feel on this subject. Or make them a deal."

"If they weren't so smug..."

"Maybe with great magic comes great ego. In any case, bettering relations with them can only aid us. Allies of power we can use."

"You sound like you know something I don't."

"A ship came in from Celpalar, with a message. We may have to deal with Mir sooner rather than later, or worse...."

Action 1

Strategic, external (Year 4 of 5)
Type: Observation/diplomatic Actor: Ephors
Expedition to northwest Qaiyore (Studying Annaeyana)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Result
Primary Determinant: Resources/Relations
Task: hard
Secondary: scholastics, magic

The wizards and wise men of the expedition continue to study Annaeyana as thoroughly as possible, following it on it's circuit and attempting to breach the city itself.


Result so far: Is a secret!


Action 2

Strategic, external (Year 4 of 5)
Type: Observation/diplomatic Actor: Ephors
Expedition to northwest Qaiyore (Improve relations with Myr-Kun)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Result
Primary Determinant: Resources/Relations
Task: hard
Secondary: scholastics, magic, trade

Admiral Kattor personally adds his presence to the negotiations with the wizards. The goals of this dialogue are in increasing trust and trade, strengthening overall relations. Especially to seek Myr-Kun expertise in magic and on the flying city if the wizards seem willing to share.

Extra mod: +1 Admiral's presence.


Result so far: Is a secret!


"How goes it, Pinnol?"

The young scholar looked up from the scrolls on his desk. His eyes widened. "Meltol! I am honored by your presence!"

"Please, Pinnol," responded Derlith,"I was your teacher long before I took my seat on the council. And for once, a decree lets me be a scholar more than part time again. So dispence with the 'honored' stuff. Besides, you never did suck up very well. Fortunately, your work more than made up for it!"

Pinnol chuckled. "Of course. Well, work on the dig proceeds apace. Only a fraction of the material has been translated. Enough to tantalise. There are hints to some of the old magic, ancient history, possibly even the old islands."

"Yes, I've heard about the map of the old Averean kingdom and states. Any luck orienting it to our navigational charts."

"Not yet. I have some, mmmmmm, special help."

"Yes, I know. Your friend Kornar has been greasing palms through out the city trying to locate old maps, sea journals, and the like. He's created enough of a stir that his competitors are putting out feelers about what's going on and could their gold get them in. And Horan's been tapping every old salt on the docks about the eastern seas. That sea dog even came to see me about going through the Meltoleyn's archives. I'd hate to think of the damage he'd do to those old scrolls in his haste!"

Pinnol smiled at the thought. "You know Horan?"

"I think everyone does. Most of the Meltoleyn, both kings, all the Ephors."

"Well, they've both been a big help to me."

"I know. And I'm here to help as well. So like I've asked the others involved in this dig, 'What can I do for you?'"

Action 3

Strategic, internal (year 2 of 3)
Type: Develop/invest Actor: Tol'aland
Archealogical dig in ruins of the original University in Areneth
Weight: single
Secrecy: None
Primary Determinant: Wealth/resources
Task: Normal
Secondary: Scholastics, magic, experienced labor force (from port work) and knowledgeable workers (students, faculty) redily available. Funds for equipment, food, and to hire workers also readily available.
Reaction: Business as usual

Result so far : +1 +2 + (0 1 0 0) + (-1 +1 -1 -1 ) + ( )

Still going OK……

"So the sorcerors claimed we will be invaded?" asked Glatican.

"Yes. They were quite strident about the danger. they urged cooperation of all against this threat. Starting with an effort against these Eerith," replied Rey-a-Man.

"And do you believe there is a threat?"

"Our wizards have confirmed, something is up with the monuments, but they know not what. Either way, we are in danger."

"Either way?"

Bar-ri spoke up, "Either we are facing invasion from Elyria and danger from the Eerith or the sorcerors of Mir seek to band the peoples of Qaiyore against us as an opening compaign in a new conquest."

"You are both agreed on this?"

The kings nodded.

Glatican deliberated. "Very well. The defence of Celpalar is your task. What are your plans.'

"First, to see what we face. Who believes the sorcerors and are with them. Then, to strengthen our forces and our magic."

Rey-a-Man spoke up. "Our traders tell us a Taltheri expedition found a city protected from magic. An anti-magic force would most useful, no matter who attacks. We should send an expedition at once."

"Very well," said Glatican. "We shall follow your lead. Our future is in your hands. And on a personal note, it's good to see the two of you working together."

Action 4

Tactical, external
Type: diplomatic Actor: Kings
Make contact/alliance with Wyr
weight: single
Secrecy: none
Primary determinant: Diplomatic?
Task: Normal
Secondary: Expedition will be frank with Wyrtherani, all customs will be respected, wizards will not probe or attempt to enter city
Reaction: Business as usual

Rey-a-Man makes yet another voyage to Midsea to contact the Wyrtherani. His mission is simple and straightforward: initiate ties and trade, and seek alliance or aid in facing invasion whether from Alatta or Mir, especially the anti-magic force in place around Wyr.

Primary: relations with wyr - none therefore Mediocre
Mods: +1 Ray-a-man is seasoned diplomat (even if he has had some problems recently)
+1 knowledge of Wyr's customs re magic lessens chances of offending locals

Result: -1 +0 +1 +1 + (-1 -1 -1 -1) = -3 Severe failure! [Sorry, dreadful roll.]

Suggestion: I don't know much about Wyr - perhaps the story Peter just sent (just going to read it now) may elucidate. I guess you could always blame the Taltherani .... ;)