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Actions in Game Year 1406

Society Name: Celpalar

Yannir had expected another priest or diplomat of the Hria when told he had an important visitor, not a dirty Celpalan soldier in full armor no less. "Sorry to intrude, sir," said the soldier, "but the Admiral insisted this be delivered by me, to you, as soon as I could." With that he handed Yannir a sealed scroll, saluted, then turned crisply and left the room. With an unconscious appreciation of the soldier's crisp exit despite his long journey, Yannir checked the integrity of the seal. The imprint of Kattor's signet ring was unblemished. He broke it open, and gasped as he read the first sentence:

"We have found Annaeyana." Then continued: "This is it, Yannir. We are tracking and studying the city. Our wizards and scholars are excited, but also more than a little intimidated I think. We're going to follow this city (It's huge, Yannir. The Sorcerors of Mir must be bloody talented to pull this off.) in it's course for a while and try to glean whatever we can from it. Also, the nomads have told us of a strange people who live within the Shadowlands. I'm sending a delegation to try and find them and establish formal relations with an eye to gaining whatever information we can about this flying city, and why it circles so instead of following the whims of Mir. I want you to do the same. Not just with the Hria, send delegations to the others they've told us about--those mystics down the coast, the society over the mountains, and anyone else the Hria know of. Lead the one to the mystics yourself, they may be our best source of information. Establish trade, make diplomatic contacts--we may need embassies in this part of Qaiyore if we need to return--offer whatever economic, scholarly, or magical aid we can. This is why we came here, my friend. Time to earn our keep."

Action 1

Strategic, external (Year 3 of 5)
Type: Observation/diplomatic Actor: Ephors Expedition to northwest Qaiyore (Studying Annaeyana)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Result
Primary Determinant: Resources/Relations
Task: hard
Secondary: scholastics, magic

Admiral Kattor, a group of soldiers, and most of the wizards and scholars follow the flying city through it's course attempting to better understand the forces that keep it aloft and searching for keys in the area to what had happened to it so long ago.

Result: +1 –3 + 1 + (-1 0 –1 1) = -2 Complete Failure.

Suggestion: They follow it around, but have no insight into what happened in the past, nor what keeps it up there. All they get is sand in their boots. Lots of it.

Action 2

Strategic, external (Year 3 of 5)
Type: Observation/diplomatic Actor: Ephors Expedition to northwest Qaiyore (Contact other cultures)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: Result
Primary Determinant: Resources/Relations
Task: hard
Secondary: scholastics, magic, trade

A delegation from Admiral Kattor's group seeks out the Saraa while delegations from Bega seek out other societies through out the area. Their purpose is to establish formal relations with these groups and seek whatever knowledge they have of Annaeyana and it's fate. Secondary is an exchange of other knowledge and signing of trade agreements.

Result: +1 –1 +1 + (-1 +1 0 0 ) = +1 Complete Success.

Suggestion: The delegations make contact with the local desert people and the Saraa. (Speak to Mark about these). They also eventually reach Myr-Kun, and learn that a Taltherani delegation had recently left. They are made welcome but are made to stay in public areas. The locals are suspiciously like the Mirish though. They obviously know about Annaeyana, but deny any knowledge. The Hria guide them through the mountains, and somehow reach the western settlements of the Bel’Adne.

"Now our first order of business," said Alareth,"is what we wish to do with this surplus of funds from our increased port traffic. To this end Derlith has a proposal from the University especially the Wizard's College."

The tall and surprisingly thin old scholar took the chairman's place at the podium.

"For some time now the University has wanted funds to excavate the ruins of the original University. The Meltoleyn has always been unable to support this initiative as funds were always needed elsewhere. Now that this windfall has landed in our laps, and with our borders secure and trade stable, and most recently the completion of the port project, this is the time for such a dig. "Many of the departments of the University have been studying the site and planning this for some time. And both the War and Wizard's Colleges have been most enthusiastic. During the Mir Invasion much knowledge was lost, including magical techniques and military ones. While I know in the intervening years legends have grown about powerful artifacts and incredible weapons buried in deep chambers under the place, I tend to discount them. But the knowledge of even ancient farming techniques from before the Dark Occupation would benefit all Celpalar. If nothing else, we'd rcover much of our history that has been lost. "Now is the perfect time. The workers who volunteered to help repair the port have acquired needed skill in clearing rubble and rebuilding damaged structures, and they are now available for employment in this endeavor. With proper supervision from the teachers at the University and working with our own students, the work should go swimmingly well. Wizards and apprentices would be available to prevent possible collapses, and our engineering classes could provide whatever strutural support needed for deep excavations. The elements needed have aligned perfectly at this time."

With a nod to Agust, fellow Meltol and teacher at the Wizard's College, Derlith concluded and took his chair.

"Does anyone have another suggestion for this surge in funds?" asked Alareth.

"I do," said Rey-a-Man, rising. "While on my tour of Midsea there was much that became clear to me."

"Not nearly enough," muttered Bar-ri, whom everyone ignored.

Continued Rey-a-Man, "There are many cultures on the continent. Some of them are militant, other like Mir--especially Mir, are highly skilled in magic, others have vast naval capabilities, or are developing them. We are not prepared should conflict erupt with one of them, or many in concert. My father believed in the excellence of the military. An excellence that has slipped as we have opened further into this world. He feared Mir when we dicovered it still existed. There are many more he would fear now had he seen them. There is a homeless people with a vast fleet out there. There are pirates preying on our trade. There is a nation which makes aggretion against its neighbors a yearly ritual. I say use this to money improve equipment, add to our standing navy and army, set up an intelligence network--our recent failure to locate our sabteurs has proved the need for one--, and improve our magical ability should an attack come on that front. There are rumors of civilization from the Dreaming living on an island in Midsea. Imagine what we could learn from them, perhaps something we could use should the Sorcerors of mir attack again. Our money should be devoted to protecting ourselves. Contrarely to what Derlith believes, threats are growing not decreasing with each passing day."

A lengthy debate ensued on the proper use of the recent boon to the treasury. In time, the Meltoleyn voted to recommend the excavation of the original University, send a delegation in search of the island civilization, and to take the issue of improving the military under advisement. the Tol'aland approved the dig by a vast majority.

 Action 3

Strategic, internal (year 1 of 3)
Type: Develop/invest Actor: Tol'aland.  Archealogical dig in ruins of the original University in Areneth
Weight: single
Secrecy: None
Primary Determinant: Wealth/resources
Task: Normal
Secondary: Scholastics, magic, experienced labor force (from port work) and knowledgeable workers (students, faculty) redily available. Funds for equipment, food, and to hire workers also readily available.
Reaction: Business as usual

Result: +1 +2 + (0 1 0 0) ( ) ( ) .... superior success so far ......

Action 4

Tactical, external
Type: Diplomatic Actor: Meltoleyn
Expedition to make contact with Vraa'al
Weight: single
secrecy: none
Primary determinant: Authority (Meltoleyn has task of setting foreign policy except military alliances)
Task: Normal ( unless the Vraa'al are hiding from outsiders)
Secondary: Trade (if we have something they like/want they'll be more likely to talk), magic (scrying), scholastics (any legends about them, knowledge of Midsea isles) reaction: Business as usual

Result: 0 –0 + 1 +1 – ( 0 –1 0 +1) = +3 The delegation arrives in Arelcar without any hitches. Obviously, the exact reception from the Vraa’al is up to Graham…..

As the meeting was about to adjurn, Agust stood to address the council. "There is one more matter I wish to address. It is a touchy request, but I wish to take a delegation of mages to Mir." A rumble of astonishment swept the room. "Please hear me out. The Sorcerors recently sent out official invitations to the magic practitioners of many societies about a meeting to address a serious threat of some sort. Unofficially, I and other high ranking wizards here have been contacted about attending. This is due to our rather obvious mistrust of Mir. I know that most here and on this island would shed no fears should something happen to those sorcerors," Muted assent came from the other Meltoleyn,"but any threat they are concerned about, let alone feel the need to enlist others in a meeting, is one we should take seriously." Silence filled the chamber and eyes opened wide as the truth of that statement and its implications set in. A quick vote was unanimous to send a delegation to Mir, with an addition that Rey-a-Man would go along with a small military compliment, but not attend the actual meeting if the sorcerors forbad it.

Action 5

Tactical, external
type: Diplomatic Actor: Meltoleyn.  Delegation to Mir
Weight: single(extra)
Secrecy: none
Primary det: Authority
Task: Easy (invited, sort of)
Secondary: Magic?
Reaction: Business as usual (trips to Mir not unheard of)

Result: 0 +1 –1 +1 + (-1 0 +1 0) = +1 Complete Success. The delegation, including the military, are invited into the audience hall in Mirabalpur, where they hear what the Sorcerers have to say…… (later!)

1406 Reprise