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Actions in Game Year 1405

Society Name: Celpalar

"What a city, eh, Admiral? So beautiful, and such friendly people."

"Hmmm? Yes, quite wonderful. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it in Midsea."

"Such enthusiasm. Something bothering you, Kattor?"

"I just think we're getting side tracked. Yes, we're supposed to make contact and establish relations with the cultures we meet, but our main objective is still the same. The Sorcerors of Mir are still there, if they decide to attack again we need to be ready. And finding our who or what stopped that flying city of theirs could be key. Without it, the may not have conquered Celpalar so long ago."

"So what are you thinking?"

"The Hria mentioned tales of a 'soul stealer' told by the desert tribes. I'm taking an expedition south to meet up with these tribes. Maybe we can find out more and if it's related to Annaeyana, we can follow up. I'll take some diplomats and traders with me. But most I'll leave here with you, Yannir. These are a good people, permanent relations with them could be very fruitful."

"Are you certain? I think you've developed the best rapport with the leaders here. They can see the kind of man you are."

"You'll do well I'm sure," said Kattor with a wry smile. "After all, aren't you the one who got us such great trade terms with the Taltheri?"

Yannir chuckled. "You make a good point. Very well. But be careful out there in the desert, if someone out there did stop that city in its tracks..."

"Don't worry, I've been letting our soldiers into the city a few at a time unarmed for R&R, but I think it's time some of them stretched their legs. Find out if there'll be any problem with them marching through the city. If so we'll sail down the coast and launch our expedition from there. We'll need local guides too. We'll take most of our wizards and sages with us. If we find anything we may need them."

"Might want to pick up some translators too. And whatever supplies we can, keep our own stores full."

"Better get to it then."

"And to think I was expecting such a relaxed day today."

  Action 1

Strategic, external (Year 2 of 5)

Type: Observation/Diplomatic Actor: Ephors

Expedition to northwest Qaiyore (esp. Annaeyana) and Bega

Weight: Double

Secrecy: Result

Primary Determinant: Resources/Relations

Task: Hard

Secondary: Hria seem friendly and cooperative, scholastics, magic, military size

Reaction: Business as usual

  Admiral Kattor takes an expedition south to continue the search for the fate of Annaeyana and what happened so long ago. Meanwhile a diplomatic and trade delegation attempts to establish permanent relations with the Hria.


+1 Good Resources

-1 Hard Task


+1 this particular set of resources is pretty exceptional

+1 Hria people are very accomodating

Dice rolls so far: (+1 -1 -1 -1) + (0 +1 -1 -1) + …

Still negative in the long term…..

<Secret result description at the moment>

* * * * * * * * *

  "Lovely, just lovely."

"What's that, sir?"

"Just commenting on the new port facilities. Some of them were desperately in need of upgrade before the fire. It's a pity that's what it took, but once done we'll have a much better port."

"Yes, sir. A lot of my friends have gotten jobs helping to rebuild."

"And our trade hasn't faded a bit. And our reputation has increased. Somehow I doubt the saboteurs had this in mind."

"No, sir. Serves 'em right."

"I do believe you're right. Let's get back to the dock, the ship should be loaded by now."

"A pleasure, sir."

  Action 2

Strategic, internal (year 2 of 2)

Type: Develop/Invest Actor: The Meltoleyn

Rebuilding the port at Araneth

Weight: Single

No Secrecy

Primary determinant: Wealth

Task: Normal

Secondary: Craft, magic, resources, military size. Success of last year

Reaction: Business as usual

  The rebuilding is to be finished this year, the influx of labor from the countryside has helped greatly.


+1 Good Wealth

0 Normal task


-1 Soldiers are unenthusiastic and lacking in some skills

+1 Building work is hard but well within the scope of a soldier

+1 influx from the countryside

Result = +1 -0 -1 +1 +1 + (-1 +1 +1 +1) + (-1 -1 0 +1) = +3 Superb success!

The newly rebuilt port at Areneth exceeds all expectations. Some say it's an improvement on the original! The novelty of the new port brings extra trade to Celpalar this year, as curious captains visit the port.

(+1 to wealth-based actions next year)

  * * * * * * * * *

"I demand retribution against the Taltheri!" Bar-ri slammed both fists against the council table. Again the gavel pounded on the podium. "Please, Bar-ri, we must have order. There is only indirect evidence and heresay to prove that."

"And you intend to let them get away with it!"

"We don't know who 'they' are. Are you accusing the king? a merchant? all their merchants? their Wizard's Guild? one sailor on a trading trip?"

The Bar-ri fumed silently with no answer.

"We must know more before we can act. We must find answers."

"You would sit and do nothing. Waste even more time."

From the other side of the table Ray-a-Man surprised everyone by breaking his weeks old silence, "In a way, Bar-ri is right. There are few answers left here. We must go where the answers are."

"What are you suggesting?"

"A voyage to Taltheran, under the guise of a diplomatic mission, to follow what leads we have and find the source of this terrible act."

"Then I will go. And I will take the answers from their throats if I must," growled Bar-ri.

"That would be ill advised, this will be a mission requiring a light hand. The mere visit of a dignitary from Celpalar could arouse suspicion from those responsible."

"But a high profile visit will draw attention from the real mission," responded Rey-a-Man. "And suspicions can be allayed by making it a general tour of the Midsea, making new contacts and renewing old. Besides, the king of Taltheran has been asserting himself of late, and if the merchant families are somehow responsible he may have information. But I doubt he'd talk to anyone of lesser status than an Ephor or...a king."

"You?!" shouted Bar-ri. "You wish to go? To save your tarnished honor no doubt!"

"To serve my people," Rey-a-Man almost whispered his eyes fixed on the tabletop, "which is all I've ever tried to do."

The Meltoleyn deliberated.

"It's a plan, more than we had...."

"Rey-a-Man isn't exactly the most diplomatic of us...."

"Bar-ri out of control, the Ephors...can't leave the island, not on something this iffy."

"Have to find these people, can't let someone get away with this."

"It's a chance, would their king help us? Could be he's involved."

By a final vote of 19-11 they approved Rey-a-Man's tour of the Midsea. On the way out of the chamber Bar-ri stopped Rey-a-Man. "Don't louse this up. The Creator go with you." The two men clasped hands, one king to another.

Action 3

Tactical, external

Type: Intrigue Agent: Meltoleyn/King of Maelmor

Find who set fire to the port in Araneth

Weight: single

Secrecy: action and result

Primary Determinant: Relations? (w/ king of Taltheran) /expertise of spies/investigators

Task: hard

Secondary determinants: Trade? Some members of the delegation may be able to get information from contacts made over the years

Reaction: Secret

  The King of Maelmor sets off on a 'tour' of the Midsea in a 'show of the flag' with several navy vessels. He briefly visits several trade partners and makes first contact with new nations and even stops over in kingdoms where relations are strained. At each stop feelers are put out about possible knowledge local officials or merchants may have about the fire (anyone boasting or drunk admissions) the longest stop is at Taltheran. There Rey-a-Man meets with the heads of the merchant families and the king subtly feeling them out. Meanwhile the investigators of the fire and spies, merchants, and diplomats canvas the kingdom on various trade and diplomatic 'missions'.

 Primary: Resources (Fair)

Task: Very Hard (-2) Celpalar doesn't have an organised spy network and there are no clues as to where exactly they should be looking.

Mods: +1 Rey-a-man is determined to succeed after last year's disgrace

+1 Trade contacts may prove fruitful

Result is secret.