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Actions in Game

Society Name: Celpalar


Year Important events
1424 Todal Wave hits the coast.
1423 Finish the Trade project
1422 The armies help prepare Talishara's defences.
1420 Send an army around the back side of the Sinari army.
1418 Sent aid to Mir.
1417 Starts to settle other Islands.
1416 Signs a treaty with L'R
1409 An expedition sets out to the Avaerean Isles
1408 The expedition to northwest Qaiyore finally ends
1407 A visit to the city of Wyr, to the west of Taltheran, goes awry
1406 An excavation of the ruins of the original University of Areneth begins
1405 Areneth is rebuilt better than ever. The northwest expedition continues...
1404 The rebuilding of the port at Areneth begins