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Actions in the Game Year 1418

Society Name: Celpalar

Action I
Set up new colonies. cf L'R actions for 1417
Time: Year 2 of 3
Type: Strategic, Internal & External
Description: Benefiting from the good locations found Celpalar and the Laria'rathi build new colonies (at least 2), on favorable islands off the Quaiyore coast, including one with ruins on it.
Task: Normal (Hard -1)
Secrecy: None, we indeed advert to have more colonist. We only hide L'R influence to the rest of the world.
Prime determinant: Ressources: Good
Secondary Determinant: Consent of the Council (Meltolyn): Great
Weight: Simple
Modifs (all rolled for): Good site found (+ 1) or more
L'Rs help (rolled in 1416) +1
Action N2, this year: if succesfull, more population: so (+1) maybe.

Results so far +1 -1 +3 (+1 -1 +1 -1) + ( 0 0 0 -1) + ( )

Suggestion: nothing really important happens.

Action II (and III)
In a bold move to increase our population, we launch a serie of raids on the Parglug coast, trying to blame somenone else.I have the full support of the Laria'rathi empire on this one ( indeed the idea comes from Nathan). We are taking people away into slavery on our new colonies, families are split, children put away from parents, females put into military brothels and men into L'R mines... we take special attention to separate them from their fellows, transportation is on L'R ships and runaways are systematically put to death. We now shall have more people to farm the land and carry the spear as they are freed from slave work.
Type: Strategic, external
Goal: Increase population
Task: Very Hard (-2) Kidnapping people on large scale isn't that easy... (Huge -3 you forgot take into account the type of people you are attacking. Ther Parlug are semi active Pirates)
Risk: Heavy: war with Parglug if discovered
Secrecy: For the truth: absolute, to the rest of the world, it's a pirate action: I want all other nations to gang against the pirates left... then it's moderately secret: someone investigating shall find evidences of pirate implication. To insure secrecy, most of the conveying will be done on L'R ships.
Prime Determinant: Hard to say, between navy force and army force, since it's a combined operation; so the average is at +2.
Second Determinant: Exploitation of new ressources (in this case human) +1
Modifiers: An elite help from the L'R +2 (their action is joined)+1
A very special secrecy pattern: -1
Weight: double +1

Results -3 +2 +2 -1 ( -1 -1 0 0 ) = -2 Complete Faliure

Sugestion: The Pralug fleet stoped the Celpalar fleet before it even reached the coast and after they had lost a few ships to the Pralug ships the Celpalar fleet with drew unable to even reach the coast.

Action IV
Type: Tactical, External
Weight: single
Goal: Bring technical help to East Torphan by building naval facilities there. We just help them, and stockpile our stuff in preparation for next year great trade action.
Difficulty:Normal (advising is Easy but I'm also building some stuff)
Risk: business as usual.
Prime Determinant: Ressources: Good +1
Secondary Determinant Trade: Great +2 (we are building wharehouses to ease
Modifiers: We built in this generation a major port (in Areneth) so we know how to do it (+1)
Approbation of the East Torphan state (useful to build in a foreign country) +1
I don't see any thing negative (bare bad luck but there are dices for that...) but put some if you do.

Results: +1 +2 (+1 -1 +1 0 ) = +4

Suggestion: The East Torphanies get that bonus for two years. Also the Celpalar get a miny trade bases in southern Midsea but discover that the Taltherans have alhold there as well, but the diffrenci is the government supports the Celpalars. They also discover that the East Torphanies have almost unlimeted access to Mir's trade.

Action V.
Send military advisors to Mir.
Type: Tactical External
Goal: Provide some help to those poor Mir, who have a small problem with their army...
Difficulty: Hard (to do in one year) - 1
Prime Determinant: Military Quality: Superb (+3)
Secondary determinant: Intelligence on possible threat (it's the best way to know about those Eeriths)
Weight: Extra action -1
Risk: Business as usual
Old distrust: -1 (but things are getting better for a while)
Army at peace + 1 (unless it goes bad in Parglug, I can send there all my best instructors)

Results:-1 +3 -1 +1 (+1 0 -1 -1 -1 ) = 0 Mixed results Suggestion: Eubraotsa looks at the Celpili general. Then he speaks. "We are greatful that Celpalar is willing to help in the war effort against the heathens of the north, but what we really need is the military of Celpalar to join the Western Defencive Army." Then he smiles. "But WE would be willing to improve relations."