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The Order of Lucia

The Order of Lucia started many centuries ago as a small cult of a little-known sun goddess named Lucia. Quietly, the Order preached and helped defend its neighbors, most recently from the tyranny of the Cedonian Empire. When the forces of the Cedonians gathered to exert control over its dying bulk, the Fist of Lucia struck a fatal blow. The glint of the Fist's blades won the Order a strong place in the minds of the freed, but they did not take power. They let the vassals govern, while offering advice and a stability to the volatile region. Their vouchers evolved into a de facto currency for the region, and the sight of a starburst shield defused many an Celdonian argument for decades to come.

Name: Order of Lucia (a goddess of light)
Location: Main base secret, but missions exist throughout northern Qaiyore, including missions in large southern cities. Its largest mission is in the Taltheran town of Saltrim.
Languages spoken: Official business is done in Old Shanari, but adepts will be fluent in local dialects
Scope: Fair (~50,000 members)
Philosophical Orientation: war (tradition), knowledge/thought (acquire)
Technological base: advanced metallurgical Subsistance: religion / judicial / banking
Economic system: currency, backed by the Order's store of wealth
Political organization: Quasi-Feudal (cenobite - friar - abbot - sagacity).
Key Elements:      The Fist of Lucia, the warrior arm of the Order
                            The Torch of Searing Truth, the scholastic/theological arm of the Order
                            The Harvesters of Stars, the trade/missionary arm of the Order
Military organization:     Primary: The Fist of Lucia (conscript), armed with swords and Persian-style compound bows.
                                    Force: Good,
                                    Size: Fair
                                    Secondary: All able-bodied cenobites, armed with staffs and slings
                                    Force: Fair,
                                    Size: Great
Economics:   Crafts: Good
                    Resources: Good. The Order has been accumulating wealth for centuries.
                    Exploitation: Fair
                    Trade: Good. As adepts travel from city to city, they will carry goods.
                    Wealth: Good
Humanities:   Religion: Superb Tolerance, Superb Prevalence, Terrible Diversity, Good Sophistication
                    Arts: Mediocre Tolerance (Great toward works of religious art), Fair Prevalence, Mediocre Diversity, Fair Sophistication
                    Scholastics: Good Tolerance, Fair Prevalence, Fair Diversity, Good Sophistication
                    Magic: Terrible Tolerance, Terrible Prevalence, Terrible Diversity, Terrible Sophistication