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Society Determinants


Society name Cedonia
Location The Gulf of Gomel and the valley of the Imperial River, western shore of Midsea
Languages Cedonese. Subject peoples include Selari and Vizinian speakers. Also some Trade Talk and Ancient Avaeran.
Scope: Fair - ~3,000,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Conquest (gain power over neighbors)
Subsistence Wilderness% 20 (Normal) - some woodlands
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some marshland
Yield% 150 (Great) - very fertile land
Urban% 10 (Big) - a few large cities


Ruling Agency
Duke Yarrow of Caladyn,General Zenos, Dr. Aldan Vellin
Key elements The Order of Lucia
Internal politics (Below, when there are two numbers, the first will be for actions attempting to affect the other two internal factions and their supporters; the second is for actions affecting internal faction affairs, or relations with allied or neutral groups. I hope that's clear. )
Duke Yarrow of Caladyn(The Rightful Emperor) :
Authority: 0/+2
Influence: -2/0
Consent:  -1/+1

General Zenos(Would-be Usurper):
Authority: -3/+2
Influence: +2
Consent: -2/+3

Dr. Aldan Vellin(Republican Idealist) 
External politics In general Mediocre


Military organization Professional army. (The Legions have been devided up between the areas.)
Military values About the size of the military forces available to the factions. The old imperial legions, the professional core of the army split roughly 50/50 between the Duke and General Zenos. However, just before the invasion of the Sinari, the Cedonians started conscription. As a result, the Duke and the General have about 40,000-50,000 men each, or a Size of Fair(0). The effect of losses and conscription has reduced their Force to a level of Great(+2). As for the republican-leaning cities, their armed forces consist of volunteer militia, with a core of professionals, mostly legion deserters or soldiers who were discharged for medical reasons; approximately 10,000-15,000 men divided among the several cities. Their combined Size is Mediocre(-1), with a Force of Good(+1).
Economic system
Currency (the Imperial)
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade: (Good)        Fair
Craft:(Fair)         Fair
Resources:(Great)    Good
Exploitation:(Good)  Fair
Wealth:(Good)        Fair
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Fair      Fair       Poor      Poor 
Arts          Poor      Poor       Fair      Fair
Scholastics   Fair      Fair       Good      Great
  Essence     Poor      Poor       Good      Good
  Authority   Terrible  Terrible   Poor      Poor