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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name: Cedonia

Action 1: Mobilize
In order to increase the size of the Army, the Cedonian High Command proposes a draft law to the Empress. The current imperial legions form a highly professional core for the army, but against nomadic societies such as the Shanari, who count all their able-bodied males as warriors, they are grossly outnumbered. While the Empire cannot mobilize all their men without crippling the economy, the generals believe that a limited draft would provide valuble manpower reserves. They propose that all able-bodied Cedonian males be required to serve with the legions for five years, after which they would become reserve militia, training four times per month in their hometowns, and once per year with the regulars. While the Empress is dubious, she agrees, but gives the responsibilty of enforcing the law to the High Command, not to the Imperial Civil Service. It remains to be seen how the populace will react to the draft...
Determinant: Yzara's Consent & Authority
Mods: + In the past, the Empire has used the draft
- No one likes being conscripted
+ Everyone is aware of what the Shanari are doing in the north.

+2 +1 -1 (0 -1 +1 0) =+2 Success
A draft army is quickly gather and sent north to the Western Defenice army. But it does not improve the numbers that much.

Actions 2&3: Defend Unnirand/Operation Honeytrap
As the Allied forces dig in around Unnirand, the Shanari have begun their march to the city. While the Duke of Caladyn prepares his infantry for a siege, he sends out his cavalry to harrass the approaching nomads. The cavalry are also instructed to poison every well, watering hole, and spring they can; also any stocks of food are to be pillaged, and the remainder poisoned or burned. Finally, the cavalry are to burn fields and buildings. Every effort is to be made to deny food and shelter to the invaders. Meanwhile, the Duke breaks his legions down into cohorts, and spaces them evenly around Unnirand's fortifications, to stiffen the Therani who will bear the brunt of the fighting. He retains the 2nd Guards Legion as a mobile reserve.
Determinants: Military Force & Size
Mods: + The Cedonians are probably the best-trained troops on the continent.
+ Fortified position
+ Double Action
- Sinari are nomads

(This is just for operation Honeycomb)
+3 +1 -1 (0 -1 -1 -1 ) +1 = 0 Mixed Results
Due to the fact that the invading army is nomads the fit and run tactics fail. The poisning of food does work to a lesser extent, but not anough to affect the Sinari

Action 4: Strategic
The efforts of the Cedonian military research establishment in Vizinia todevelop new weapons will continue.
Determinants: Scholastics
Mods: Same as last year

-1 (-1 +1 -1 0) + ( +1 +1 0 +1)
Some improvement.
(Okay would you send me a message telling me what you are working towards Exactly.)