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Actions in the Game Year 1419

Society Name: Cedonia

Action 1: On to War

With reports of Shanari outriders being sighted near the Taltherani border, the Cedonian High Command decides to act. The legions remaining on the northern border of Cedonia are ordered to dig in, in case the ravening horde of the Shanari turns south. The combined Mirish-Cedonian Army is strongly advised to reinforce the Taltherani defensive positions along the Tal River near the Taltherani border with the Morvali tribelands. Privately, the Duke of Caladyn is ordered to support the Taltherani, with or without the Mirish forces. The Cedonians are obligated to defend Taltheran by the terms of the treaty which partitioned Tirmar between the Empire and the Kingdom.
The High Command also passes along operational recommendations to the combined army. They advise fighting from a strong defensive position, using the Cedonian cavalry to secure the flanks and supply lines, with the Mir providing magical support: "Ideally, battle should be joined in a place where the Shanari can attack only from one direction, and allows for the enfilading of their force"(CHC Operational Directive 1418.5).
Primary Determinant: Military Size & Force
Difficulty: Hard
+ Cedonians are damned good at war.
+- The Mirish may not provide full support
+ The battle will most likely occur on ground chosen by the Cedonia-Mir Army, maximizing their advantages.

Results: +3 -1 +2 (+1 -1 -1 -1) = +2 Success

The army takes up its place outside of Unnirand. The forces know consits of the War Mages of Mir. The Rebell Seeresses of the Sinari, the Mages of Myr-Kun, the Mages of the Order of Knolwegde (Fae), Mage of Burcancy, Military of Cedonia, the Taltherian military andwhat is left of the Therani. Even with this the spies return and report that the Sianri are like an endless ocean, and this is only half of the Army. They report that they are about to take Hadrair.

Action 2: Put on Hold

Empress Yzara is extremely disappointed by the performance of the army tasked with invading Tanimbar. Major reinforcement is not possible at the moment, however, due to the Shanari, the western frontier, and the Empire's internal security needs. Yzara therefore orders the southern legions to dig in and hold against all attacks, maintaining the current status quo. Meanwhile, the High Command is ordered to give the legions involved in Tanimbar the highest priority for weapons, supplies, and replacements, while conducting a study as to which legions may be safely released from present duties to reinforce the invasion.
Primary Determinant: Military Force, Size
Difficulty: Hard
+ Cedonians are back on home ground.
+ They can take advantage of pre-existing defensive positions
- The legions were badly bloodied last year, some morale trouble.

+3 -1 +2 -1 ( -1 +1 -1 0) = +2 sucess

Suggestion. Defecies are succred +1 to defence next year.

Action 3: Secure Zelkor.

News of a burgeoning resistance movement in Zelkor soon reaches the ears of the Empress. In response, she replaces the military government of the city with a civilian (albeit Cedonian) one. She restores to Zelkor its old status as an "Imperial City" which gives the citizens some hefty tax breaks and full status as Cedonian citizens. Finally, over the objections of her advisors, she makes a personal visit to the city, counting on her youth, beauty, and charisma to win over the populace.
Primary Determinant: Yzara's Consent and Influence
Diificulty: Hard
+ Yzara is an extremely charismatic young woman
+ The Cedonians have done great things for the Zelkori economy since they took over.
- The rebel fraction.

0 -1 +1 -1 (0 +1 +1 -1) = 0

Nothing happens when she gets thier. The people greet her but that is about as far as it goes.

Action IV: R & D (strategic)

The Cedonian army and navy have used essentially the same technolgies and tactics since Bucerad threw off the Mirish yoke and founded the Empire. Swords, shields, spears, and bows have served the army well over the centuries, as have the many siege engines in the arsenal, but C edonian military planners have determined that if they are to restore the empire, some radically new advance in weaponry is needed. The Cedonians, being poor in magic, concentrate their efforts to develop new weapons in the field of what they call 'natural science.' To this end, a research center is established in northern Vizinia. One group is to examine the possibility of recreating an ancient weapon, known in historical chronicles as "Avaeran Fire", while a second group is to examine the military applications of fireworks, devices whose use in the past had been limited to certain religious ceremonies.
Primary Determinant: Scholastics
Difficulty: Hard
+ The Cedonians are throwing money at this project.
+ The researchers have at least three years before they are expected to produce results.
- The substances being investigated have a high potential for catastrophic accidents, which may make it difficult to find workers.

-1 +2 -1 (-1 +1 -1 0) -1 faliure

Not much is acomplished this year.