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Actions in the Game Year 1418

Society Name: Cedonia

Action One: Continue infiltration of Order of Lucia
Determinants: Same as 1415

Results: ( +1 +1 0 +1 ) = +3 Complete Success

Suggestion: The Dukes agents have penetraded into the second highest level of the Order but are unable to penitrate higher.

They agents report back to the Cuke that the Oracle has been heard to say "She Comes." Also many other member of the Hierarchy reporter have head it in there dreams.

Action Two: Reinforce invasion of Tanimbar

The Cedonian High Command orders the 17th and 21st Foot Legions and the 7th Cavalry Legion to reinforce the invasion. These are tough, fresh troops and should provide good support for the 3rd, 5th, and 18th Foot Legions already committed to the Tanimbar front. The resulting group of six legions plus attachments is reorganized and designated the Army of the South and placed under the command of Field-Marshal Cawdor, the second-highest ranking officer in Cedonia. As of the third month of 1417, nearly one-fifth of Cedonia's standing army is committed to the invasion.
Determinants: Military Force and Size
Mods: + Leadership of Field-Marshal Cawdor
+ fresh troops

Force: Superb Size Fair
+ fresh troops

Force: Great Size: Fair
East Torphan (East Torphan sent their army to help in 1415.)
Force: Good Size: Fair

Battle Results
Cedonia: +3 +1 (-1 +1 -1 -1) = +2
Tanimbar/ East Torphan: +3 +1 (+1 -1 0 0 ) = +4

Suggestion: The borders of Taminbar and Cedonia are a blood bath now. But this year the Victory clearly goes to the united force of East Torphan and Tanimbar. Even with the fresh troops the Empire has not penetrated Tanimbar, and were soundly betten back.

Action Three: Move Against the Sinari

Acting under Empress Yzara's orders, the High Command begins assembling a force to move against the Sinari nomads in concert with the forces of Mir. The 1st, 11th, 16th, 20th, and 22nd Foot, the 2nd Guards, and the 6th, 8th, and 9th Cavalry are ordered to muster at Talishara. There they will undergo a period of training to drive home the fact that the Mirish are their allies. Yzara appoints her uncle, the Duke of Caladyn as commander of the Cedonian contingent, making him the de-facto second in command to the Warlord of Mir. This represents a full quarter of Cedonia's military might, leaving the remainder rather stretched.
Determinants: Same as for the Mir action
Mods: + The Duke's personal attributes
- The Duke is distracted by his actions with the Order of Lucia
+ The Cedonians have an understanding that they will be allowed to keep any territory they take and can hold.

Results +3 -1 +1 -1 ( -1 +1 +1 +1) = +4 Complete Success

Suggestion: The Cedonian Legions are used to doing what has to be done. While the Legions do not like being around magic Users the except there Empress Orders. The Duke of Caladyn does seem to be preocupied so much of the the training with Mir is done by the Warlord.