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Actions in Game Year 1415

Society Name: Cedonia


Action 1, Strategic:

Having infiltrated the Order of Lucia with his agents, the Duke of Celedyn seeks to see if he can discover what their intentions towards the Empire are. To this end, he instructs his agents to move themselves into positions of trust, a process which may take some time.

Determinant: The Duke's influence


Result: (0 +1 -1 0)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: The agents begin to worm their way up the hierarchy, but have not yet reached high enough positions to be of use.


Action 2: Annexation of Zelkor

With the economy of the city devastated and the Zelkori population on the brink of riot, the 12th Legion, stationed on the Imperial/Zelkori border, crosses the frontier and quick-marches on the city. The Imperial agents in Zelkor are to open the city gates for the legion and kill certain military officers, while the Imperial Navy and Marines enter Zelkor's harbor in support. The objective is to seize the city with a minimum of bloodshed. If all goes well, the city government will be replaced by Imperial bureaucrats, who will be able to restore order. The army and the agents are charged with capturing the exiled Vizinian nobility and certain prominent Zelkori figures.

Determinant: Military Force, Size
Mods: + Zelkor's economy is collapsing
+ The Zelkori people are in no shape to resist a determined show of force
+ surprise factor
+ The Imperials bring order and stability


Result: +2 +4 + (-1 +1 +1 0)= +7 Legendary Success

Sugestion: Yow! The Cedonian military bloodlessly reoccupies the Imperial City. A large minority of the populace actually wlecomes the return of the Cedonians as opposed to the recent chaos. The remainder of the population remains quiet out of fear.


Action 3: Invade Tanimbar

Using the recent border incident with Tanimbari forces as a pretext, Empress Yzara declares war on Tanimbar, ordering the activation of prepared plans. The 3rd and 5th Legions from occupied Vizinia and the 18th legion from the Zelkori border are to cross the border; the 3rd and 5th are to march on Athelar while the 18th attacks Orasar. If the annexation of Zelkori goes well, elements of the 12th Legion will be freed to support the 18th.

Determinant:Military Force, Size
Mods: + Surprise factor
+ planned invasion
+/- Tanimbar is infested with goblins

Battle Results: Cedonians: Force Superb (+3), Size Fair (0) (+) suprise
Tanimbar: Force Great (+2), Size Fair (0)

Cedonians: +3 + (0 0 -1 +1) +1= +4
Tanimbar: +2 + (+1 +1 0 -1)= +3

Suggestion: The Cedonians gain a small amount of territory. However, a solid breakthrough is not achieved.