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Actions in Game Year 1414

Society Name: Cedonia


The New Cedonian Empire has spent the past eight years consolidating their holdings in Vizinia and Tirmar, handing out new titles in the retaken lands to younger sons of Cedonian and Selarian nobles. The Empress Yzara made two of her distant cousins the new Dukes of Vizinia and Tirmar. Now, though, the Cedonians turn their eyes on the next portion of the Empire to be returned to the fold . . . the Imperial City of Zelkor.

ACTION I: Destabilization pt. I

Empress Yzara's secret agents have slowly infiltrated Zelkor over the last eight years. Now, they go into action. One group begins taking steps to destabilize the economy of Zelkor by flooding the city with counterfeit currency. Other agents try to destabilize the politics of Zelkor with rumor, slander, and the occasional murder. The ultimate goal is to provoke an incident that will give the Cedonians an excuse to move in and take over Zelkor, "in the interests of local safety and stability."

Primary Determinant: Wealth
Mods: + good penetration of Zelkor
+ manufacturing an incident should be easy considering the hostility between the two nations.


Result: +1 +2 + (0 +1 -1 +1)= +4 Superior Success

Suggestion: With the flood of fake currency, inflation skyrockets in Zelkor. Within months, many of the traders of Zelkor go bankrupt, and riots occur in the streets as an angry populace reacts to the rumors that the inflation was purposely caused by the government.


ACTION 2&3: Destabilization pt. II

In support of action 1, Yzara deploys two Imperial Legions to the Vizinia-Zelkor border with instructions to try and lure the Zelkori border guards into Cedonian lands, creating an excuse for war. At the same time, the Cedonian navy begins conducting "exercises" off the Zelkori coast, said exercises consisting of the harassment of Zelkori traders, but nothing overt enough to be an international incident.

Primary Determinant: Military Force, Size
Mods: + double action

Result: +2 +1 + (-1 0 -1 -1)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: The "exercises" contribute to the chaos in Zelkor...


ACTION 4(strategic): Power Play

The death of the old Emperor, Yzara's father, was always considered suspicious by his half-brother, Duke Yarrow of Caladyn, who was also the former First Imperial Minister. The Duke commands a large following among the nobility, all of whom are displeased by the growing power of the Order of Lucia over the Empress. The Duke initiates a probe of the Order, trying to determine as much about them and their goals as he can.

Determinants: Key Element: Yarrow, Duke of Caladyn Consent: Fair Authority: Good Influence: Great
Mods: - The order is very secretive
+ The Duke has considerable resources. (this action is for the moment, open ended)


Result so far: +2 +0 + (+1 +1 +1 +1) +? +6 so far

Suggestion: The Duke infiltrates the Order. Now he just needs to use his agents succesfully...