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Actions in Game Year 1406

Society Name: Cedonia


In a backwater rump empire, far, far, away...

Before the Festival of Lucia, the beautiful young Empress Yzara looked down from the Royal Castle and observed the crowd below. As she spoke the following words, the jeering turned to a fervor.

"Faithful subjects, Greetings to you from a new servant of Lucia. May Her spirit guide us in our new endeavors. As you know, we have been quiet as of late, festering in our wounds. Now that I am of age, it is time for the Cedonian Empire to rise from its slumber and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Even as I speak to you now, know that our Royal Army has reoccupied the Counties of Selaria and Vizinia, as well as the enitre Imperial County.

My people, as we progress toward the Resurgence of our Empire, we all must work hard to insure its success. Each one of you must consider hard your resources and what can be spared for your Crown. My Royal Pages will keep you abreast of the Resurgence efforts. Now, please enjoy the festivities."

1. [Double] The Royal Army expands the Empire's borders to include the former Imperial province, Selaria, and Vizinia. (They do not seem to be occupied by anyone of consequence.) Army leaders are ordered to make note of any powerful families in Selaria or Vizinia and to offer them rulership of the County in exchange for fealty. Use minimal force to quell rebellion. Once established, aid the inhabitants if possible.


Tactical, External
TYPE: Military Conquest
ACTOR: Military
SUMMARY: (re-) conquer Selaria & Vizinia
WEIGHT: Double
PRIME DETERMINANT: Military Force: Superb (+3)
TASK: Hard
MODIFIERS: + The counties don’t seem to be controlled by anyone in particular
- Cedonians unsure what exactly is there, though
+ use of minimum force may quell resistance

Result = +3 –1 +1 –1 +1 +1 + (1 –1 –1 1) = +4 Superior Success.

Suggested write-up: The western portion of the old Imperial Province and Selaria were severely depopulated at the time of the invasion of the Ice Demons. No significant organised authority was set up thereafter, with towns and villages mainly left to fend for themselves. The Cedonian military do not meet any resistance to speak of, though they do overhear mutterings which suggest the populous is hardly overjoyed at the return of their former rulers (the Cedonians were never known for their tolerance of ethnic minorities). The ancient cities of Selaria (Losela, Gomel, Inibar) are shades of their past glory. The rolling plains and sparse forests of western Imperial province and Selaria are quickly overrun. Vizinia is a different story. The smaller yet more densely populated county takes longer to subdue, with resistance both in the former county seat at Vizur, and the ancient inland market city of Kelsh. The Vizinians are forced to bow to the Imperial (emblem) though, as their opposition is piecemeal and disorganised. The descendants of the former ruling family in Losela may cooperate in return for their regaining power. The Vizinian aristocracy fled the new Cedonian invasion and are thought to have hidden out in Zelkor.

[Chuck – I wasn’t sure how determined the military would be – whether they would have forcibly intimidated and attacked the Vizinians or not – obviously change as much of the above as you like]

In the expansion, the armies reach the outlying areas of the surrounding former counties, and relay the following information:

Zelkor – the city is prospering and the surrounding district is tightly controlled by a well-trained military

Tanimbar – the self-styled kingdom is a peaceful, mostly agricultural nation, now made wary of Cedonian resurgence. The arrival of the Imperial military in the border reaches are met with polite but stern rebuttal

Solbania – no obvious authority in the border with the Imperial province, though signs of Torphani influence in frontier villages suggest the southern empire has also been busy, though they would also have been hit by the Ice Demons

Sebushac – as Solbania

Kazovia – as Solbania

Hansari – the plains people refuse any dialogue with the Imperial military and warn them off their territory

Kajir – no obvious authority in the borders, though signs of goblins are evident

Sarunor – as Kajir

Teltaram (Cedonese for Taltheran) – the border with Selaria is underpopulated, no obvious authority

Tirmar- as Teltaram

2. Negotiation: Yzara offers Argigax of Teltaram a Dukedom in exchange for fealty. If he accepts, let him know that the counties of Morvali, Sarunor, and Tirmar will report to him as well.

Determinant: Relations Poor (from Taltheran’s perspective) (-2)
Task: Nigh Impossible (-4)

Result: -2 –4 + (-1 0 +1 +1) = -5 Miserable failure.

Suggestion: I’ll let Peter and you resolve this one.

3. Alliance: Behind closed doors, Yzara speaks with the Order of Lucia and converts to Luciaity in exchange for the support of the Order. The Order agrees to advise and share intelligence with the Crown for aid in the conversion of the peoples of Cedonia.

Determinant: Yzara’s influence. (?) Maybe +2 Great.
Task: Normal

Result: +2 –0 + (-1 0 +1 +1) = +3 Superior Success.

Suggestion: The Order agree to share information in exchange for free reign through the Empire. Yzara now has an efficient spy network, assuming the Order are true to their word.