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Society Determinants


Society name Beladne
Location Around the Great Lake and and its rivers, north of the Calarnar desert, south of the western Kivirian mountains.
Languages Beladine, an Eastern Desert language and the speech of the Beladne, is the common tongue. The Melcuranin, the religious-magical aristocracy, use Ancient Avaerand, zealously kept unchanged, among themselves.
Size Fair Scope (+0). Population is a few millions. Landsize TBD.
Philosophical orientation
Primary Orientation: Equilibrium
  Conviction in their traditional way of life
  Prevention of contact with outer world
Secondary Orientation: Survival
  Tradition that others are enemies
  Revolution - they have to change in order to survive
Subsistence Wilderness% 20 (Normal) - virtually all arable land has been cultivated - irrigation methods used
Wasteland% 20 (Normal) - some areas of semi-desert
Yield% 100 (Normal) - irrigation has increased yield but environment is still harsh.
Urban% 5 (Normal)


Ruling agency The Raenath - hereditary position, currently Tolmen XV
Key elements
High Council - advisory body composed of represantatives of Melcuranin families

The Army
Internal politics
The Raenath:
  Authority           Great (+2)
  Influence           Mediocre (-1)
  Consent             Good (+1)

High Council:
  Authority           Good (+1)
  Influence           Great (+2)
  Consent             Mediocre (-1)

The Army:
  Authority           Mediocre (-1)
  Influence           Great (+2)
  Consent             Good (+1)
External politics
Desert People (Poor)        Poor (-1)

Capability and culture

Military organization Highly organized army drawn from the commoners, employed along the borders.
Military values
Primary forces:
  Force (Fair)        Fair (+0)
  Size (Mediocre)     Mediocre (-1)
Secondary forces:
  Force (Mediocre)    Mediocre (-1)
  Size (Good)         Good (+1)
Technological base Metallurgic
Economic system Currency. The Beladne have a very stable and powerful leadership, which also gurantees the currency.
Economic values
Craft (Fair)          Fair (+0)
Resources (Great)      Great (+2)
Exploitation (Great)   Great (+2)
Trade (Poor)          Poor (-2)
Wealth (Fair)         Fair (+0)
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion     Superb    Great      Miserable Fair
Arts         Fair      Poor       Fair      Mediocre
Scholastics  Good      Terrible   Fair      Fair
Magic        Great     Terrible   Terrible  Great